Russia has proven a good source of software development talent, according to one research and after some time it became aware of the skills available after opened an office in Moscow. Rather than developing a state of the art document management system in-house. The outsourcing system referred as e-Mod, stores everything from standard generalized markup language text fragments to large video files and graphics due to advanced software development process.

The e-Mod software development project is the main document management in it and stores a diverse range of normal scalability and have a massive efficiency says one of the manager at Boeing Commercial. We simply defined the software project at a very high level and it took care of most of the details, there are many other examples of big organizations turning into offshore outsourcing firms for sophisticated high-end software projects. General Electrical contracted India’s software development firm named Mascot Systems for Web-enabling and creation of backbone with online invoice system for its customer base.

Another Indian Software development organization has been hired by Penta-four for doing high end work in software animation and design. For a variety of E-commerce and software outsourcing assignment Nortel Networks Corp. uses Wipro Software Development organization to write software for high speed optical switches. Many medium organizations have started to turning into offshore outsourcing firms, helped by improved links from international communications and spurred by the requirements to get software development projects very quickly. In the coming time, it is the smaller and midsized organization that would profit the most by Offshore Outsourcing, as the expansion of these firms is often limited by an inability for finding of technical personnel, says president of one Software development consulting firm.

A Denver software development application service vendor provides hospitality industry services, turned to Bulgarian software programmers for some of vital online system in hotel-reservation. This was more market time in development, and it was scenario like do or die. They would made commitments for investors and software development customers that it should fulfill.The organization turned to manage several large Bulgarian software development facilities, and immediately it assigned six software programmers at 30-40 dollars / Hour, and the software project easily met its commitment or deadline. After that few have realized that Bulgaria is actually the Silicon Valley of the former Soviet Union, and as a space-development center, IBM mainframes had been brought to Sofia, and cloned for use behind the Iron Curtain.