NASSCOM India wants India Software Development to focus more on targeting the Europe market such as Britain, Germany and France. According to NASSCOM, there are lot many scopes in this market areas to expand the business opportunities for Offshore Software Outsourcing. Above are some of the key destinations that can be really future hot-spots for overseas development services and expansion in the overseas software and IT industry. Rapidly the craze of India Software Development is increasing globally for its lesser development cost and high quality development services. As well as the presence of Indian IT companies and players is also increasing.

The current market survey indicates that at the moment in these places big companies are heavily focusing on commercial aspects of telecom industry, better integration of information technology, software and other services. And surprisingly at the moment in their discussion the name of India is on the top as the most preferred destination. Indian IT companies are also planning to concentrate on characteristics and trends in these chief European countries. According to the experts, BPO and some of the other important IT services can be prime and successive way to enter into these markets.

Information of India Software Development

According to the experts, Application Development in India has the higher scopes to enter into these potential market areas due to its advantageous factors over other Offshore Software Outsourcing locations. India also seems to have higher growth in the Software Industry. The financial facts and figures suggest that in 1st quarter of 2006 country India crossed the milestone of supplying the 219 million US$ in revenue. It also crossed the US$ 500 million annual revenue figure. The revenue figure of 2nd quarter was also measured 30% higher compared to previous year’s revenue information of India Software Development. This represents the rapid growth of the country for overseas software services.

NASSCOM is the chamber of commerce of Information Technology Software and Services industry in country India and has more then 1050 members with it. Among this more then 150 are the worldwide software companies from the house of United States, Britain, China and Japan. This adds credit to the market value of India Software Development globally for better Offshore Software Outsourcing services. All member companies in NASSCOM are offering software development and other IT enabled services. The recent market news also suggests that NASSCOM is planning to take IT and BPO assignments to Eastern European regions in October.

NASSCOM is heavily planning to expand the demand of India Software Development globally to capture major market shares. As a part of that it is also taking the IT mission to Japan in the month of November 2006. Such expansion strategy seems to be the primary stage of being a catalyst for the better and higher growth globally in the filed of Information Technology.