India Software Development is gaining height over its competitor China in outpacing their United State Counterparts and it has also distinguished itself as a better Offshore Software Outsourcing service provider. Now in highly competitive market, according to the experts, cost effective Offshore Software Outsourcing development is no longer advantage for any of the service providing countries including India. Still the main reason for the success of Indian Information Technology Industry in U.S. territory is more efficient & effective services, better quality approaches for representing India Software Development and software projects to clients globally. This is the main reason for the growing demand of India for all types of IT and development services.

India being an Information Technology giant has many advantages over other IT Countries. Some of the advantages of India as an IT Giant are listed below.

  1. India has a wide pool of IT professionals and talents to meet any types of requirements in software or web industry globally.
  2. India Software Development also has the best and world level demanded IT Companies and brand names such as Tata Consultancy ServicesWiproSatyam and Infosys to offer the high quality and cost-effective web and software programming services.
  3. Fluency on English language is again a huge advantage with India and that increases the demand of the country for other services such as BPO/KPO & Call-Center. In present scenario the country is also equally demanded for its high quality Call-Center services along with the Offshore Software Outsourcing.
  4. Sufficient amount of talents and highly skilled professionals from best IT Institutes and Universities. Most of the local as well as international IT Companies are hiring the talents from these institutes through campus programming and offer them good salary packages too.
  5. Bangalore city of India Software Development has become the worldwide hub for all the types of Information Technology services. It also contains the presence of IBM, Microsoft and many other overseas IT giants that highly seek for the local Indian IT Talents for better quality development services.
  6. Along with Bangalore other cities of India such as Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Ahmedabad are also becoming more demanded for all types of IT and web development services. Growth of these cities is also remarkable in last 3 to 4 years.
  7. Infrastructure and telecommunication development of the country is also eye-catching and enticing the foreign countries and companies to invest more in India Software Development.
  8. Role of the Indian Government is also very important. Government has also issued no. of policies to boost up the IT Industry of the country at the world level.

Above mentioned are some of the basic points that represent the edge of India over its competitors for all types of Offshore Software Outsourcing services globally. Country has these and many other advantages to represent the services of India Software Development.