European customers for service buyer, NASSCOM and CBI will be on hand as KPO centers to help them for formulating exactly what the Offshore Outsourcing demand. Indian business developers can count on that for providing maximum assistance in the segment of export to European nations. It’s double sided point and out of it all the party benefited. After this agreement the two of Software Development Organization have great chance for creating a highway for SMEs, where until now there were not even footpaths one can see.

This is a significant agreement confirmed president of National Association of Software Services Company – NASSCOM. In the field of Information Technology Outsourcing, India has achieved quite good success and it has also registered full success in Software Development services. The thing is that with considerable and more European companies particularly SMEs, become stakeholders in those successes. To fully share the success of large business organization in the BPO segment SMEs too have been able in India. While talking of Netherlands, Europe and India this is a win-win agreement for SMEs by Offshore Outsourcing agreement.

In previous year for the program of India export development with the Business Process Outsourcing segment was launched and two other countries have been added with promising industries in this field, which are the South Africa and the Philippines. NASSCOM would be more responsible for the practical firm of the CBI program as its counterpart in India have been more active as compared to prior. As such, the Offshore Software Development seekers will select promising vendors in India to be trained and assisted by the CBI for export software services in European nations. During last one year nine Indian Companies have been selected and entered into the program of fully qualified joint ventures.

Offshore Outsourcing Market

South Africa and Philippines are now added into training exporters with India, now CBI is also working very actively in the European Offshore Outsourcing market. With good advantage of Business Process Outsourcing for helping SMEs reorganizations and assisting them to find Indian service partners that understand their needs and can stand up into European Software market. In the area of capacity building exporters in countries likes of India as well as in the area of export marketing CBI has already proven itself. It’s ever to help to find reliable partners from India and other Offshore Outsourcing Development destinations. With the agreements like this one it would really cause the success of the IT Software Outsourcing and BPO segments to drip down with the metro cities of industrial to smaller ones and perhaps towns.