This article ‘Offshore Software Development and India’ represents some important information about the relations between both terms. If we take a look at almost a decade back from here, India was very behind on the graph for Software Outsourcing services. Most of the companies used to avoid India for the IT Development services due to lack of development center in the country. India had neither good telecommunication facility nor infrastructure development that could attract overseas companies and other countries to give a thought to the name of India for Offshore Software Development services. But after the boom of Y2K incident, name of India came into the picture for best quality development services and since then India has not looked back.

In last 8 to 10 years time period, the craze of India has grown tremendously for all types of Information Technology and software services. Development structure of the country has also improved in last 5 to 7 years. Country also has the best possible telecommunication services. Government of India is also heavily supporting the country for better growth in the Information Technology Industry. More and more IT graduates are passing out in the country. Country India has the best IT brand names of the industry such as TCSWiproInfosys and many more. Even globally well known IT companies such as IBMMicrosoftApple soft and many others are also heavily increasing their presence and operations in the country.

Offshore Software Development Services

Above are some of the issues that represent why demand of the country is increasing for better Offshore Software Development services globally. China is also a key player in this Software Outsourcing industry but they lack in fluency over English language. This is the main competitive edge India has over the globe and that is why the demand of the country is increasing rapidly. Due to the fluency over the English language demand of India is also increasing for BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and Call-Center Services. On and average business of call-center industry of the country has reached almost equal to Offshore Software Development market.

The economy of the country has also got tremendous boom due the increasing demand of the country for Offshore Software Development services globally. Most of the top ranking IT companies arrange campus recruitment programming to gain best IT talents of the country. Unemployment issue has also eased in the country due to increased demand for Software Outsourcing services to India. Day by day growth of the country is increasing in the Information Technology Industry.

The current market trend and scenario indicates that country India is on the top for all possible Information Technology services. The demand of the country is also increasing rapidly for bigger and better Offshore Software Development services.