Software Development India wing Hardware race as now hardware outsourcing is also moving towards India. More and more hardware development work is shifting to India with Offshore Software Outsourcing services. India has already become the software hub for the globe because of its lower-cost, flexible and high quality development services. Now the software companies from overseas have also start to search for Indian Hardware service suppliers to satisfy their need. IT Companies from India Software Development have established themselves as the leading service providers globally and now they have started to make their impact in Hardware Industry, including Board Design and (IC) Integrated Circuit Design

The trend of outsourcing to India especially in the hardware sectors had started a long back when US companies used to seek for the Indian suppliers, but the demand was very low. But now with increased cost in the local market most of the countries prefer India to meet their hardware requirements. It is also marked that in last two years or so other regions such as European and Japanese companies have heavily picked up the practice of hardware outsourcing to India. Again IT Companies from Japan have also to move towards Indian hardware industries a lot especially for design board. Market trend towards entrusting Indian service providers for gaining high-value development services is increasing. Dependence over the Indian Industry for hardware development is increasing.

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Along with Board Design, IC Development Outsourcing to India is also increasing. Japanese companies are also heavily involved for IC Development services to Software Development India. It has also analyzed that most semiconductor manufacturer companies are taking the help of the Indian hardware developers for some selected chip circuits. Scope in this sector has also expended including overall chip development and circuit design. Many of the local IT Giants from Japan prefer WiproTCS and some other Offshore Software Outsourcing companies that also provide high quality hardware services to fulfill their hardware development requirements. Japan mobile manufacturer industry considered to be the biggest client for Software Development India for the overseas hardware development services.

Competition in the world level market is increasing as well as price in the local market is also on the boom, so it becomes the necessary for them to outsource their basic requirement to the lower development cost countries such as India. The demand of such hardware in Japan is increasing and it has become very tough for the manufacturer to produce the ICs that performs better in functionality, faster and cheaper in the cost. For them Software Development India is the best alternative to meet their hardware demand. The increasing demand of Software Development India for better hardware services has made them to concentrate more over the hardware industry. Majority of the IT Companies from Software Development India are now planning to increase the strength for hardware development services.

The above point indicates the growing demand of India and its hardware industry. Software Development India is already playing a big role globally for overseas development services and now it seems to have the turn for the hardware industry to place its image globally.