There are many of common problems that arises while doing the Software Development Outsourcing from one country to another.Them primary thing is that all users are not very much clear cut with their exact requirements. Due to unspecified requirements given to Software Development Outsourcing service providers with rough and very sketchy writing materials and diagrams. If one has to clear and specific with the idea of the development, the document should detailed, clear-cut, and without of any complicated ambiguities.

Because of some problems, Offshore Software Outsourcing service providers are not in the right kind of position to understand the better scope of development work. It’s very simple to have phrases that are mentioned below for clients needs:

  • Generally it requires to know the period of warranty, whether it’s for just one year, more than one or not at all. What does this mean? Money is also expected some time as a part for the warranty time. Due to often users of software that tells frequent changes and clients need Software Development Outsourcing service vendors to implement it without of any additional cost during that particular period of warranty.
  • After completion of the software project it must be implemented with some minor changes as a part of the software development process work. But the main question is that what does include in these changes? And the authorized person to decide whether it is the minor change or major. The main question is that, will software outsourcing service provider being paid extra money for those changes or not?
  • Without of any coding work it should be clearly configurable. The one more important question is which parts should be more configurable? Would it be really acceptable in case of increasing cost substantially?
  • Within fifteen seconds all reports should be generated. This is simply not possible for yearly, monthly, batch processing based reports. Sometime it could cause harmful problem during the acceptance of user.
  • Under condition of the stress it should perform well. But what kind of stress and the number of concurrent users, how much data to be used, and the actual type of users that needed.

The Software Development Outsourcing vendors don’t have access for user departments that is quite understandable.

Process of software development outsourcing

End customers are completely ignorant with the outsourcing model of software development. Generally they do not provide adequate attention and time for such software development process. Time of response is the crucial thing for timely execution of a software project by users for resolving the questions and the acceptance of design too.In the process of Software Development Outsourcing for a fixed base cost proposal; customer means it should include to done everything. So it is winning for clients to reduce the cost base. By the process of Offshore Software Outsourcing service provider to do work that is definitely out of scope.