India and China – Two major spots for Custom Software Development, the current market situation suggests. Both the countries are becoming highly demanded for the software and other Information Technology services globally. The whole world is becoming techno savvy rapidly and in that case keeping the development cost down as well as competitive with the best quality outcomes is the most important factor. Offshore Outsourcing is playing key role in keeping the development cost lower and especially when it is done to India or China the cost goes down almost 3-4 times compared to Australia, United State & United Kingdom. Both these countries are providing highly cost effective and high quality Custom Software Development services and have boosted up the concept of overseas business.

Especially in India, overseas companies find better solution as there are well English speaking talents. In such overseas dealing proper communication is the most important key. In India, government is also playing a key and very active role to boost up the development level of the country. It was also recently declared by the higher authority that government is planning to support high-tech manufacturers by spending in organizations and proposing “viability gap funding”.

Custom Software Development

Both the countries have lots of similar opportunities that help them to maintain their position in the current competitive market. If we compare the overall market for Custom Software Development services, India comes on the top position while China grabs the second spot. The main difference between these two countries is the command over the English language as well as the level of talents required for the perfect Offshore Outsourcing. In both these fields India has big edge over China and that leads them to stay on the top of the list of the service providers globally. India’s global edge for the Custom Software Development is thankful to the huge presence of Local as well as some Multinational Information Technology companies.

In Bangalore, India there are more then 1500 IT companies that serve the globe and day by day that no. is also increasing. This leads to higher Custom Software Development to India compared to China. Almost all the globally known IT brand names have their remarkable presence in India as a part of their Offshore Outsourcing policy and these companies are also getting remarkable profits due to same. China also possesses the good presence of the overseas as well as the local companies for the same. The concept of the Custom Software Development has changed the way of the development work in the software industry as more and more companies are now heading towards the customization.

Custom Software Development is not a new concept though, but increasing demand of the customization has given additional boost to the Information Technology industry. Further more, the concept of cost effective as well as good quality services has boosted the Offshore Outsourcing industry like never before.