Role of overseas IT service providers is expanding day by day in the filed of outsourcing  web development services as the demand of such services is increasing rapidly. But along with that, companies are also trying to get development work done from more than one service providers to avoid some of the risks of IT Outsourcing. In this way of distribution of the work among the different service providers, companies can put themselves at some safe places. It is also noticed that trend of distribution of work is prevailing more and more in the market and it is also appealing more to the clients. According to the clients, amount of risk engaged with single service provide is very high as he has to deal with the overseas service provider.

In distributing the work among the different service providers Companies always find good scope to move ahead with more than one Offshore Software Development service providers. Amount of risk reduces because the work gets distributed in such option and they don’t have to rely upon a single service provider. It also helps in avoiding the frauds as well as monopoly of a single company in the market. Due to high competition in the market, clients also get competitive price with better quality outcome. Price Negotiation possibilities are also higher in such types of deals.

Initially business of Offshore Software Outsourcing was considered bit risky, as if service provider fails to deliver the output the client is useless. And this is the main reason that companies now prefer to deal with more then one vendors. IT Outsourcing has been a very wide concept now a days as it is very cost effective, provides high quality output and help in getting work done with no real efforts. But at the same time risk is also involved in this business. Countries like China and India are very famous and demanded for this type of overseas development work and both are also considered as the most dependable spots.

As far as Offshore Software Outsourcing process is concern India is in front of China. Both the countries are IT Giants and have lots of potential for proper IT Outsourcing. Both the countries have almost equal capabilities but in for some aspects India has upper hand though. Fluency over the English language is the most useful benefit that India has over China. India also has lot many IT Companies that provides all types of software as well as hardware outsourcing services. India also has NASSCOM that handles the legal aspects of all overseas procedure. Now a day most of the companies also check the legal aspects before entering into any type of overseas dealings.

Trend of multi outsourcing is on the boom at the moment in the current market and it also helps in keeping the momentum of Offshore Software Outsourcing going on in the current competitive market.