There are more and more Information Technology jobs available in USA, now a day it has been created as compared to height of the dot-com bubble. Despite the great impact by Offshore Outsourcing, the wide-range research by US Information Technology industry has found these consequences. The annual job loss rate in Offshore Outsourcing is around two to three percentage of the overall IT professional in USA. There is a much increased and higher level for job creation in IT field.

American Bureau of Labor Statistics and the ACM researcher said Information Technology jobs are being predicted as the fastest happening and growing employment in United States of America, since end of previous decade. The report suggests that current data of an economic theory of offshore outsourcing give career opportunities in Information Technology. It will remain strong in those nations where it has been strong in past and even it will grow in those countries that targets Software Outsourcing industry.To offer offline businesses as an opportunity the product is intended to take their business online and targeting the niche markets. OctaShop not only focuses on business to consumer selling but also provides built-in business to business selling capabilities. Large ASPs may be stepped up, as big virtual online malls, where large number of sellers might offer a whole range and varieties of products through the OctaShop e-commerce solutions.

Industry is predicting 20 to 30 percentage of growth rate in offshore outsourcing by international companies with the type of work sent to offshore nations. It will move beyond low end software development work to high end computing research, according to one research group. So, the advice is that Information Technology professionals & students that are looking to improve the chances of long term employment in IT Outsourcing industry is by getting a strong educational background, and keep skills updating, develop good teamwork & communication skills and become familiar with different cultures.