Software Outsourcing joint venture

Tuesday April 24, 2007

Symphony services, an International service provider for collaborative solutions of software product development announced their strategic alliance last week with organization Iron Mountain. With the alliance the deal is mainly focused on Software Outsourcing and Symphony services will help Iron Mountain to increase their innovative capacity of data storage solutions....

Outsourcing work in Offshore countries

Thursday April 12, 2007

Today everyone understands the logic of software outsourcing development, it is outsourcing work in offshore countries to get it done by cheaper rates with good quality maintenance.

In outsourcing process when one contacts vendor that provides solution by cheaper cost at offshore destination....

Offshore Software Outsourcing Trend in 2007

Monday April 02, 2007

According to IT Industry experts, Offshore Software Outsourcing Trend will have better market place in the year 2007. We all know that IT Outsourcing is on the boom since last five to seven years and rapidly the demand of overseas services is also increasing. Sending the development work to the overseas location,...