According to IT Industry experts, Offshore Software Outsourcing Trend will have better market place in the year 2007. We all know that IT Outsourcing is on the boom since last five to seven years and rapidly the demand of overseas services is also increasing. Sending the development work to the overseas location, especially in the software industry, has become pretty common and routine procedure for many of the companies. Most of the companies now a day prefer outsourcing to reduce the in-house development burden. It is also fact that outsourcing the non-core activities helps the companies to concentrate more on their key functionality.

If we consider the scenario before almost a decade, sending the work to the overseas location was avoided. Most of the companies preferred to perform all the work in-house only in spite of higher cost. But with the development of advance technology, outsourcing has become the ideal business process. Again in the time period of last five years, the process of outsourcing is highly booming. Countries like India & China are the most preferable destinations for overseas IT services. In the financial year of 2006 both the countries have faced tremendous growth and higher financial growth is also expected in the year 2007.

The market of Offshore Software Outsourcing is expanding rapidly and the main reason is the customers are now looking for the web development services and products with lower cost and higher software outsourcing quality. Today’s market is customer’s market and customer is the king. To sustain the place in the market and to meet the demand of the current market for lower cost and higher quality services, companies have only one option and that is IT Outsourcing. According to the experts, in the financial year 2007 Outsourcing industry is expected to have overseas income almost two times compared to the previous year. More and more development work is sent to India and China from the countries like US, UK & Australia. It is also marked that India has much higher market share compared to China for IT Offshoring services.

Increased Offshore Software Outsourcing Services

Financial growth of India was also very high in the year 2006 due to increased Offshore Software Outsourcing services. IT has played a major role in the growth of the country India in the recent years as more and more foreign economy is coming into the country as a part of IT Outsourcing. India has highly talented men power with it. Another main reason for the success of the country in the filed of outsourcing is the fluency over the English language. Indians are very fluent in English and this is the most important advantage that India has edge over China.

Overall market survey also suggests that in the coming financial year of 2007, IT Outsourcing will have brighter future. From the current market scenario we can firmly say that Offshore Software Outsourcing is the best solution to meet today’s market demand for the combination of Lower Development Cost and Higher Software Outsourcing Quality.