India is the hotspot outsourcing destination for the software development, from world over. The rich pool of talented software programmers, developers and engineers has propelled India ahead of other countries. India is home to world class software companies which provide cutting-edge software solutions to their clients. With 65% of the world’s CMM level 5 companies, India has become the most favored software outsourcing destination for foreign companies located in USA, Europe and Australia.

Foreign companies gain a lot by outsourcing to India, their projects. As Western economies struggle out of the recession, they find Indian software companies very attractive because they get the best software services in world at very competitive rates. This saves them good amount of capital. They do not have to spend on the infrastructure or hire expensive manpower. This increases the productivity and pushes up the return on investment, which is very critical for the success of their business.

Foreign companies outsourcing to India, get the benefit of technical finesse, which the Indian software workers have in them. The clients stand to gain from the expertise because the partner company to whom the work has been outsourced is usually quite proficient in its field. This increases the quality of the output and helps the foreign clients to maintain competitive edge over rivals in their local market.

As majority of the American companies are outsourcing to India, they enjoy a turnaround for their project, especially in software development. This is because when it is night in USA it is day in India. This time zone advantage, allows the Indian companies to finish any urgent work and dispatch it back to USA, the next day. As a result the clients are able speed up the delivery to their local customers.

Outsourcing to India is a blessing for foreign companies because it has helped them out of   recession by reducing their daily operational costs, without compromising the quality standards. Indian software companies have developed the knack to deliver quick, cost-efficient and customized services to their clients. They have created a niche for themselves on the world level through their dedication, expertise and customer-centric approach.