Software development is a sequential process in which the software development company adopts a singular or combination of two or more accepted methodologies to create software application or program. The project is analyzed and all the associated risks are taken into consideration before initiating the project. This approach minimizes the risk and helps to reduce the total cost of the development.

In computer programming, the programmers design, develop and test the main source code of the computer programs. The purpose of the programming is to customize the software for the clients. Software development extends beyond programming. It includes research and development, modification and re-engineering, maintenance and trouble shooting, to create the desired software product.

The software development company can adopt a structured approach in which the pros and cons of the project are well understood and effective strategy is developed, and followed meticulously. This is time bound approach and the results are delivered within deadline. The whole process is split into series of phases and tightly controlled. The end user and software development firm interact with each other from the beginning to the end of the project so that desired results are achieved.

The other type of methodology which adopts an extreme approach uses hit-and-trial strategy. Here the risks are high and the outcome of the results cannot be guaranteed. In such a scenario, a software development adopts Incremental methodology or Prototyping.  In Prototyping the incomplete version of software programs are created and tested. In case of failure, it is shelved and a new prototype is developed, which might be closer to the desired product. As the final outcome is not envisioned, prior to commencement of the project, risk involved is quite high.

The software development firm keeps in mind the needs and aims of the project before choosing a methodology. The chosen approach may also consist of structured and extreme methodologies, which synchronize with each other to deliver the desired software solutions. Waterfall, Prototyping, Incremental, Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Spiral are some well known methodologies used by the software development company today, to deliver customized software programs to the end users.