Outsourcing to India – A Boon to Western Economies

Tuesday June 22, 2010

India is a leading provider of world class software and web development services to world-wide clientele. It has been doing so for the last two decades and carved a niche on the world map. Thanks to the rich pool of talented software developers and programmers, India still continues to be the most favored outsourcing destination....

Is Cloud Computing a threat to Software Outsourcing to India?

Wednesday June 16, 2010

The rapid advancements in software technology have increased the productivity of the software professionals. It has pushed IT professionals to equip themselves with new skills. At same time IT innovations, over the time have reduced the workforce by integrating automated solutions in the system. The latest development on the software technology front is cloud computing....

Is saas a threat or blessing for Software Development industry?

Wednesday June 02, 2010

The software development industry is buzzing with new name, software as a service (SaaS) . It is a ground breaking concept which allows easy deployment of the software application over the net. Any user can simply log on and avail the service because it follows the pay-as-you-go subscription licensing model

Software as a service promises to change the way software development is done and offered to the client....