India is a leading provider of world class software and web development services to world-wide clientele. It has been doing so for the last two decades and carved a niche on the world map. Thanks to the rich pool of talented software developers and programmers, India still continues to be the most favored outsourcing destination.

The worldwide recession failed to dislodge India from its number one position in software development. Outsourcing to India is a boon to Western countries, especially US. The highly trained software professionals and their high proficiency in English language makes them, irreplaceable for the Western economies. Their innovative and cost-cutting software solutions have greatly helped the foreign clients to withstand the onslaught of the recession.

Outsourcing to India has helped the foreign companies to cut their daily operational cost drastically, without compromising the quality standards. This has been happening for the last twenty years and speaks in great volumes about the competency of the Indian Software Industry to deliver unparallel software solutions to global clientele.

Inspite of, political hue and cry over the effects of outsourcing on the local jobs, outsourcing to India is on increase. This clearly points out that Western economies gain a lot from the outsourcing software development to India at very low costs. The capital saved, pushes up the ROI, which is critical for any business. The outsourcing company can concentrate on its core competency, instead of wasting it time and resources of the job, which can be taken care of, by reliable outsourcing partner.

With over 65% of the world’s CMMi level 5 software companies and two decades of industry experience behind it, India is second to none when it comes to providing high quality and cutting edge software solutions. The capacity of the software professional to quickly absorb the latest software advancements, easily and the tenacity to withstand the grim technological challenges has propelled India ahead of other countries like China and Philippines, in the outsourcing race.

Outsourcing to India has helped Western countries fight off the recession and they are once again looking at Indian software companies to lead them to economic boom.