Microsoft had introduced ASP.NET to the world of software development just a few years ago. It has great built in features, incredible performance level and Visual Studio the best IDE around. This was a rare combination most of the software developers around the world had been waiting for. No wonder it gained instant popularity. 

Whether you find software development with ASP.Net easy or difficult depends to a large extent on the knowledge you have. There are a few benefits of ASP.NET in software development which makes it favorite among software developers. 

  • ASP.NET can support more than 40 different software development languages. Hence a software developer gets the chance to use the language of his/her choice. However the most preferred languages used by developers are C# and VB.
  • ASP.NET overcomes the limitation of its predecessor ASP. In ASP codes were interpreted before the requested page was shown like if a user requested a page the server would read the code on the page and try to find what the code meant and accordingly display pages. This would take longer for ASP to display results for the requested query. Alternatively in ASP.NET the server does not have to re read the code and interpret it to display the results. It has to do the process only once and the result automatically gets saved on the server. This was revolutionary for the software development world.
  • All the functions related to .NET framework remain intact in ASP.NET. Hence it effortlessly supports web services, email, database interaction, XML and many similar technologies. This saves software developers time they would otherwise spend on reinventing the wheel.
  • ASP.NET is extremely helpful when you are working as part of a software development team working in tune with the web development team because here you have the option to isolate the server side code from the HTML. Hence if in case the program needs modification it can be done so without affecting the HTML layout.