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Monday, July 12, 2010

Understanding the Importance of the Software Development Process

A software development process is a structure imposed on the development of a software product. Process serves as the fundamental tool to the community to collaborate and build software. Truly, a methodological approach to software development results in fewer defects and, therefore, ultimately provides shorter delivery time and better value. Following a standard process model helps in delivering quality controlled and assured software products every time.

Computers have become a significant part of all our lives and have enhanced our existence in educational, professional and personal prospects. This shows that how software has evolved over the years from being just a tool to automate computing to a fully fledged complex structure to develop, test and maintain data-structure and documentation. Software is accurate, fast, and cost effective. These reasons tell why it has been playing such a tremendous role in the global markets.

Software Development life cycle faces a lot of challenges during each phase, the biggest challenge will be from where to start. Worst situations will be starting a project with new employees, who don’t have domain expertise, unproven technology and that too with a challenging deadline. Along with technical challenges any situation might hinder a software development plan and put management in a risky and terrible crisis, which not tackled well this situation might lead to – products overshooting both cost and time estimations but still ending-up in poor quality. They do not meet requirement specifications as defined by consumer and finally, lead to a business failure.

The basic challenges for software industry, which are most deserving of serious attention in the immediate future include to:
  1. Create the new logic for problem solving based on open-ended programming environments for high performance computer systems
  2. Develop a formal methodology that guides us toward the construction of correct and portable parallel programs, and adopt an openness to radical and innovative alternatives
  3. Design a programming language that incorporates a unifying intuitive model of parallel computation, and which provides a coherent vehicle for the natural description of parallel programs
  4. Devise and construct software tools that resonate with the methodology and facilitate a flexible, supportive environment
  5. Introduce widely available, substantial educational opportunities in parallel programming that will create a pool of individuals with the experience and intuition necessary to work effectively in this setting.
Friday, July 09, 2010

Software Development Benefits of ASP.Net

Microsoft had introduced ASP.NET to the world of software development just a few years ago. It has great built in features, incredible performance level and Visual Studio the best IDE around. This was a rare combination most of the software developers around the world had been waiting for. No wonder it gained instant popularity. 

Whether you find software development with ASP.Net easy or difficult depends to a large extent on the knowledge you have. There are a few benefits of ASP.NET in software development which makes it favorite among software developers. 
  • ASP.NET can support more than 40 different software development languages. Hence a software developer gets the chance to use the language of his/her choice. However the most preferred languages used by developers are C# and VB.
  • ASP.NET overcomes the limitation of its predecessor ASP. In ASP codes were interpreted before the requested page was shown like if a user requested a page the server would read the code on the page and try to find what the code meant and accordingly display pages. This would take longer for ASP to display results for the requested query. Alternatively in ASP.NET the server does not have to re read the code and interpret it to display the results. It has to do the process only once and the result automatically gets saved on the server. This was revolutionary for the software development world.
  • All the functions related to .NET framework remain intact in ASP.NET. Hence it effortlessly supports web services, email, database interaction, XML and many similar technologies. This saves software developers time they would otherwise spend on reinventing the wheel.
  • ASP.NET is extremely helpful when you are working as part of a software development team working in tune with the web development team because here you have the option to isolate the server side code from the HTML. Hence if in case the program needs modification it can be done so without affecting the HTML layout.
Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Software Development – Using Microsoft Silverlight to Enhance the ROI of Online Business

The latest trend in the in the software development industry is to create more and more interactive websites. Many web development companies are using the latest software applications to create amazingly rich internet applications. These applications breadth life into the website and make it look like a living entity.

Microsoft Silverlight is one such technology that helps in creation of Rich Internet Applications (RIA). The applications are cross browser and cross platform compatible and use .NET framework. The web world has become highly competitive and hence it important for online business owners to make their website highly interactive so that it engages the end users and provides them enthralling user experience

Microsoft Silverlight helps to add audio and video clip to the site. The multimedia experience is enhanced through elegant display of the animation, so that a website reacts and responds to the queries of the end users. This feature finds a great use in online networking sites, which are quite in demand on the net. 

Software development technology like Microsoft Silverlight makes it easy for the developers to design attractive shopping carts, with secured payment and shipping management gateways. This allows the website site owners to conduct their business online and allows the online shoppers to purchase the products or services of their choice, at a click of button from the comforts of the home of office. Silverlight is a completely programmable plug-in for a web browser, which allows the user to hear audio, watch video and animations, widely available on the internet. 

Silverlight uses XAML, text based language to display its content on the screen. This makes the content search engine friendly and allows them to easily index it. So the sites built by Microsoft Silverlight quickly show up on the search engine results. This means greater visibility on the net and this translates into increased traffic flow, which ultimately increases the popularity of the site. 

In the end it can be right said that Microsoft Silverlight software development technology greatly enhances the image of the website by integrating high interactive features into it and at same time optimizes it for the search engine. T This twin advantage increases the visibility of the site and thus improves its ROI.
Thursday, July 01, 2010

History of Emergence of Outsourcing to India Companies

The concept of outsourcing came into existence only after people started realizing the effectiveness of competitive advantage theory disseminated by Adam Smith in his book named “The Wealth of Nations”. This theory explicitly propagated how outsourcing work to countries with cheap labor rates can benefit the companies working in developed countries with high labor rates. In recent times India is considered one of the biggest outsourcing destinations and innumerable IT companies have developed just by taking up outsourcing to India projects.

Next thing you would be concerned about would be why outsourcing to India when many other countries with cheap labor rates are available. India was very quick to pick up the concept of outsourcing and hence started making efforts that would pull foreign countries to outsource their work to India. Private companies were given access to providing services especially telecom services where previously government held monopoly. This initiative brought the IP telephony to India which made it really easy and cheap to talk to people in foreign countries.

Due to this initiative many foreign countries started considering India for outsourcing work. Initially outsourcing to India projects were related to medical transcription which later went on to include billing, customer service, data entry, software development, internet marketing,  SEO and the chain virtually has no last ring. Most of the parent companies established sister companies in India to offshore their work.

However with the advent of hundreds of companies taking up outsourcing to India projects foreign countries found these companies to be more beneficial then establishing their own sister concerns in India. This would benefit the parent companies as they would not have to spend money on developing and maintaining infrastructure. For control most of the outsourcing countries allowed a member from the parent country to work with them so that they can have total control on the operations alternatively they can also visit the companies on regular intervals to see how everything is going on.