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Monday, August 30, 2010

Software Outsourcing Services Can Lead Businesses to Success

Take example of any successful business today and you will find that they are using some or other software outsourcing products. Most of the companies owe their success to the use of software to increased their productivity and accuracy at work, which ultimately results in less errors and loss due to mistakes. A common example of software outsourcing product used can be seen in oil and gas industries which use software application for the well analysis and mining survey.

Where can you find such a product? Most of the software developing companies provide services of software outsourcing which are catered to individually depending on the business requirement. If your business needs customized software you can contact them with your requirements. Here it should be remembered that a software outsourcing company cannot transform all concepts into finished products. Hence it is not that you will request and they will create a product for you.

In fact first a feasibility test is done where it is checked whether it is practically possible to create software as you desire. If the answer is yes then the software outsourcing company will proceed further to decide which technology will be used and exactly how the finished product will look, feel and work. If you are ok with the process description then the project is divided into small parts called milestones which are then assigned to each developer selected to work on the project.

Recent time has seen immense popularity in the use and demand of software outsourcing products. Almost all business units are using software to accomplish their tasks more accurately and in a timely manner. Software can be implemented to complete iterative tasks like billing in a mall or bottle counting and filling in factories fast and speedily. How much you pay a software outsourcing company will again depend on your project requirements.
Thursday, August 26, 2010

Reasons for the Rise of Offshore Software Outsourcing to India Niche

The market for offshore software outsourcing to India in recent times is seeing an increase in the number of companies offering these services, clients to the company and the annual revenues of the companies providing offshore software outsourcing to India services. There are various factors which can be credited for the increased growth of the sector.

One of the prime reasons responsible for the growth of the offshore software outsourcing to India niche is the availability of skilled people. Today there are more people who have knowledge of various software development languages like PHP, Java, .Net,, Magento, Flex, Drupal, CMS, Jhoomla etc. Most of the people have studied all these courses in their college or from private institutions after college. The ranking process of the colleges and private institutions is tough and this helps in the proper grooming of software developers.

Many professional programmers have either set up their own companies or are working independently. Companies of course offer offshore software outsourcing to India services at competitive rates and have specialized skills which keep them better off than their competitors. Most of the companies hold records for being the best in the industry as they have never had any unsatisfied client. Companies are also a better choice because they work through contracts which describe the ethics of the company as well as bind both the company and clients.

Unlike other countries of the world majority of people involved in offshore software outsourcing to India niche are fluent with English hence there are less chances that clients will face problems in communication. Also they are open for communication at any time of the day or night irrespective of the time zone. Software like Skype makes it less expensive for both the parties to make virtual calls. Besides this online chats and emails have been there since years and have been known to facilitate communication between parties.
Thursday, August 19, 2010

Offshore Software Development – Do Not Hesitate Just Go For IT

Many people are found to be skeptical of the abilities of an offshore software development company to develop the software as required. Your skeptical behavior can be because you cannot trust people from different countries to work on your software development project or you feel cheap labor is often risky when quality is in question.

Though you might have derived these conclusions on the basis of your experiences and whatever you have heard about offshore software development niche you are missing on the potential to get the best services at the lowest prices. We do not deny that there are spoofs in niche but if you have an eye for quality and some time to devote then you can find the best offshore software development company.

Offshore software development is cheaper only because of the economic conditions of the parent company and not because the software developers are less skilled and so need a lower pay. Employees with IT outsourcing companies working in software development are among very few people who are paid a very high salary.

But you find them to be cheap because of the currency conversion ratio. For example if you are paying $35/hr to a PHP developer with 5 years of experience in America then probably with the some money in India you will be able to hire 2 PHP developers with 5 or more years of experience.

To conclude this here are a few reasons which are sure to change your thoughts about offshore software development. The biggest benefit you are going to get is that the software will be developed in less time. More skilled people will be working on your project for the same price and lastly because of the time zones it is possible that if you offshore your work to a developer in a greater time zone region you can get your pending work done exactly the next day when you reach office.