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Monday, January 24, 2011

Offshore IT Outsourcing Company in India Guarantees Customer Satisfaction

IT Outsourcing is the much talked about topic, and why not, this sector has been growing 20 – 30% every year globally.  India is recognized to be the best country equipped with high end IT outsourcing companies. Currently India is exporting IT services to almost 95 countries globally, being voted as the best and most preferred IT outsourcing destination worldwide. There are below reasons for the India being a super power in IT outsourcing services:

Cost Factor :-
The sole purpose of IT outsourcing is to reduce the labor cost. If a USA based company requires to hire a software developer, it can cost them approx $60 to $80 per hour, while an Offshore IT outsourcing company in India can provide the software developer with similar level of skill set at as low as $6 to $8 per hour. This is how by outsourcing companies are saving up to 90% labor costs.

Secure Infrastructure :-
Generally any well established Indian IT outsourcing company has secure infrastructure in place. They understand customers’ risk factors and provide Intellectual property security as well. Some companies also avail the certification from ISO for verifying there security level. Due these precautions client get their projects developed and deployed securely, moreover they save substantial cost which require in establishing infrastructure onsite.

Quality Assurance :-
Quality is a major factor that decides the growth of any company. In today’s competitive environment Indian software companies have to provide exceptional quality when delivering software development services and maintain their customers satisfied. Almost every company thrives towards getting ISO quality certifications and CMMI certifications to stream line their company process to obtain quality results. India has highest number of companies who are CMMI level 5 and ISO certified. This ensures quality services when selecting an IT outsourcing company in India.

There are many more benefits like availability of vast pool of technical experts, 24*7 support, experienced consultancy, diverse technology expertise, etc. when they are assessing software companies based in India. To conclude, an Indian IT outsourcing company can satisfy a customer by offering reliable, secure, superior quality and cost effective solutions.
Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Best quality vendor selection criteria while thinking of software development outsourcing to India.

India has gained huge fame for its highly skilled human resource availability for servicing IT industry and meet outsourcing needs worldwide. By growing demand the Indian market has been flooded with small to mid size outsourcing companies offering offshore software development services. In this article I am going to share some tips which can help you to select a right offshore outsourcing company when you are planning for outsourcing to India.

An ideal offshore outsourcing company should be well equipped in terms of Infrastructure and qualified human resource. It is important to examine the employees skill set, but it is more important to make sure that the software company you choose must be a process driven company but not human dependant.

The accreditation like CMMi, ISO certificates, Microsoft competency certificates, etc. can acknowledge the company for following a well defined process which manage projects, maintain quality and deliver the work. While selecting an offshore software development company it is advisable to understand the Software Development Life Cycle adopted by that outsourcing company and how successfully it is been implemented in its previous work. You can also do a reference check with its present and past customers to get a feedback or testimonials on company performance.

An unavoidable step is to examine how well the company is maintaining Intellectual Property, proprietary software and new development specifications of its customers. It’s after sales support and risk management policies should be reviewed based on your project requirements.

The companies which can use its skilled resources follow well defined processes for software development and project management life cycles and maintain security for your project is the right offshore software development company to work with. These are some of the most important parameters which you can consider while examining a best suited service provider while outsourcing to India.