Art Work Designer

Art Work Designer


Our Germany based client's main objective was to build web based solution that can provide facility to create and order custom Art Design. Main goal behind this virtual Art Design concept was to provide platform to customers to create and order Art Design as per their interest.

TatvaSoft provided the web based solution called Art Work Designer Application that replicate the standard design tool features like paint tool, custom text design, image upload, save and delete.


TatvaSoft came up with web based solution with following features:
  • Flexibility to select size of the canvas and material to be used from the vast range of available sizes and materials
  • Facility to insert and manage different text shapes like rectangle, circle, square etc.
  • User can upload, save, and open created Art Design
  • Standard designing tools are included for ease of designing. Some of the examples of outstanding features like ability to move the image or text to top or bottom, undo, redo, bold, italic, different text types, etc.
  • User can select from different shapes and color combination
  • Checkout and shopping cart facility to order the designed art
  • Back end user management
  • Back end user can manage the price of each image, text and materials
  • Back end control for order and shipping management


TatvaSoft successfully delivered Art Work designer Application that provides virtual art designing facility to customers. Because of this virtualization customers can create, customize and order art from online stores and so they don't have to go to client's shop to design the art. As the art creation takes less time with is solution it also helps clients place big orders.


  • OS: Windows Platform
  • Web Server: IIS
  • Programming Language: FLEX, C# ASP.NET
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Framework: Microsoft .NET Framework