Business Strategy Planner

Business Strategy Planner


Our Australian client required to transform client server based Business Strategy application to web based solution with extended features. Client's main objective was to develop a rich web based solution that allowed analyzing and making strategy for business management.


  • System with support of decision making and strategy planning
  • Visual representation of analysis details for ease of understanding.
  • Business plan execution facility.
  • Report management for detail analysis.


TatvaSoft provided a web-based solution with following features.

  • Financial plan and Strategy management.
  • Multi division support.
  • Report management for planning and analysis.
  • Entire system inspection facility.
  • Create business plan agenda and evaluate with real execution.
  • Monitor progress of planned strategy.
  • Simple to use User Interface.
  • Fundamental risk examination facility.
  • Visual representation for better analysis and judgment.


TatvaSoft successfully delivered a transformed web based solution, Business Strategy planner that helped client to analyze business data in detail and provide the facility to create better strategy for business needs. This solution is sure to help companies in improving execution of business strategy and mitigates the risk of business strategy failure.


  • Server: Windows Server
  • Web Server: IIS
  • Programming Language: ASP.Net, C#, Flex
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server analysis service
  • Framework: Microsoft .NET Framework