Decision Support System

Decision Support System


Our client required to develop an application that would help to take better decision for business improvement. Main objective was to generate information from the existing data that can be used for business planning and business decision making process.


  • Enable business decision maker to take decisions on financial conditions, and customer preference using existing data.
  • Create reports for better business analysis.


TatvaSoft provided a web-based solution with following features.:

  • Data mining process has been carried out to excavate the required information from existing information stored in database.
  • Business reports can be generated for better analysis.
  • Visual presentation of data makes data interpretation easy
  • Budget module enables businesses to monitor and control the expenses.
  • Role management helps restrict users from accessing confidential data.
  • Information can be added in Excel.
  • Tree structure facility to view all stages of organization.
  • Report can be exported to excel for better analysis.


TatvaSoft successfully delivered Decision Support System that enabled client to analyze existing data in detail using data mining process. This facility leads client to make precious business decision that can play a crucial role for business progress.


  • Server: Microsoft Window Server
  • Web Server: IIS
  • Programming Language: ASP.Net, C# , FLEX, Web ORB
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Framework: Microsoft .NET Framework