ICO Editor

ICO Editor


Icons are major contributor for an OS's popularity among users. Customizable icons are an exciting feature which a service provider can offer. Walking the same line, our client needed to improvise the existing features of their ICO Editor application. They modeled an easy to use application for professionals as well as novice users.


  • Develop a tool for loading, editing and saving *.ico files,
  • Support XP style icons, all available - size formats (16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128), all custom size pixels, Color Depth (1 bit-Monochromatic, 4 bit, 8 bit- 256 color, 24 bit- True color and 32-bit) images.
  • Provide window for tools, color palette, info, and layer window.


Our development team with sound technical background and a knack for creative development provided best-in-industry features for client's existing application. The customized application henceforth contained following:

General Features

  • Creation of new icons in varying sizes and color depth
  • Creation of icons from image files
  • Supports Multi-layered icons
  • Manage icon libraries
  • Tool has information, palette and Layer windows and Drawing Bar
  • Support for bitmap(*.bmp) images to be saved and used
  • Ability to create and edit multiple icons in single file, work on icons according to layers.


  • Move Up, Down, Right and Left
  • Rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise
  • Flip Horizontal and Vertical
  • Zoom in-out
  • Scaling
  • Noise, Drop shadow, Outer Glow and Inner Bevel


  • Selection from ellipse, rectangle and irregular shapes
  • Brush and Magic Wand
  • Erase, Paint Bucket, Gradient and Blur
  • Text, Line, Rectangles, and various objects with fill color facility


The upgraded version of ICO Editor application is mostly liked by users as they create/use icons of their own choice. The ability to save work in different formats (as .bmp /.ico) enhances usage flexibility. Tolerance settings of the paint bucket and wand tool determines selection of pixel with colors. As a result, the application delivers rich-look icons as output.

The information window is quite a help for all the users as it displays color and coordinates of the pixel and dimensions of selected area.

Core Benefits

  • The application delivers custom icons as per user's wish
  • Rich look and feel of the icons are attributable to this feature-laden platform which supports all the images irrespective of their color, depth and size
  • A whole new range of icons are available for package and commercialization.


  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows
  • Programming Language: Visual C++
  • Development Tool: Visual Studio
  • Project Management Tool: MS Visio