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Client is Missouri, US based. He wanted us to develop a web based product that automates the entire case management for prosecutors across various counties. The application needed strong statistical analysis capabilities to give each office the information needed to best conduct its prosecution services.

The challenge was to develop web-based solution incorporating all the features along with dynamic scrollable grid, keyboard navigation and user friendly interface with desktop application like look and feel.


TatvaSoft has made a fully integrated and complete business solution using Microsoft Technology (Microsoft .NET and SQL Server, Crystal Reports) with following features.
  1. Unique Features:
    • GUI is similar to desktop application
    • Facility to use mouse key, function key and Keyboard shortcuts
    • Dynamic Scrollable Grid
  2. Core Module:
    • Case and charge management
    • Manage Co-Defendant and schedule of court in case
    • Referral Information Management
    • Defendant, Witness and Victim Information management
    • Attorney Assignment and withdraw
    • Microsoft Word Mail Merge function to easily generate documents for one case or multiple cases at the same time
    • Integrated Scanning
    • Full Case Display sheet that includes the Defendant Information, Charges filed and disposed, Events, Witnesses, Restitution and Case Notes
    • Docket Control with disposing and sentencing service
    • Electronic Arrest/Referral Transfers and Restitution
    • Manage Payments
  3. Bad Check Module
    • View / Add / Update bad check cases.
    • Offender and Victim Management
    • Account Maintenance
  4. Delinquent Tax Module
    • Tax Search
    • Check Disbursement
  5. Reminders and notifications
  6. Reporting Module


Client is successfully using this solution. They have installed it at various counties since Mar 2008 to till date. It has helped users in following way.

  • Very reliable, secure and user friendly system that includes almost all the functionalities required to automate the entire process.
  • Significantly improved the communication and workflow between two separate physical locations by providing one integrated system
  • Easy data conversion from legacy systems.
  • Improved Docket control and the ability to track sentences by crime category
  • Customizable Reports.


  • Server: Windows Server
  • Programming Language:, C#
  • Database: SQL Server
  • Source Control: Visual Source Safe
  • Development Tool: Visual Studio


  • Aspose.Words.dll
  • Ajax.dll
  • Ajax Toolkits