Our client is a diverse provider of oil and energy to various oilfields across the globe with its upstream and downstream facilities. They decided to develop a desktop application for one of their oil fields located in London, UK. This application will allow users to enter specifications of the oil well and plot it on different charts. Users could calculate depths of a particular well up to a maximum of 40,000 feet with utmost precision using the application developed by Tatvasoft. They also wanted some extra features such as a tool that can help users to calculate the risks associated with gas flow, temperature, pressure, viscosity, etc. at every feet of an oil well.

Some of the additional features demanded by the client are

  • Charting and plotting graphs depending upon user input.
  • Loading various types of data from different file types.
  • Manage projects for each well separately.
  • Implementation of complex mathematical calculations.
  • Unit handling for distance, pressure, etc.


  • expertise-tools

    Tools & Technology

    Microsoft VB.NET • Microsoft Windows Server • Microsoft SQL Server • IIS • Ms Visio


After understanding the client’s business and the industry, our team of seasoned .NET developers and experienced business analysts applied an iterative approach to offer the best business solution. We measured each minute's details and intelligently divided the project into essential sectors. We initially divided the project into two parts and then progressed with smaller details of well, data, its DTS processing which finally led to analysis and application outcome.


  • Add new project page
  • Open existing project

Well details:

  • Well data
  • Temperature data
  • Pressure data
  • MD Vs. TVD data
  • Casing data
  • Reservoir layer data
  • Completion data
    • Tubing component data
    • Accessory component data
    • Crossover component data
    • Gap component data

Data loading:

  • Raw data
    • Load DTS files
    • Load flow data files
    • Load log data files
    • Load PDG data files
  • DTS processing
    • Depth correction page
    • Normalization page


  • Interpretation
    • Temperature plot
    • Pressure plot
    • Flow plot
    • Data calculation
    • IPR


TatvaSoft fulfilled clients’ aim of developing a custom web application from a standalone desktop application to a future-ready, well dynamics Tool that evolved as a robust utility application for the oil and gas industry. The users are the internal users of the company and the benefits they have received are

  • Analysis of any well of any height or depth
  • Data at fingertips
  • Complex calculations made easy
  • Manual to Digital shift leading to business profitability