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In the past few years, the way we consume data has completely changed due to the availability of rich and personalised content that various media companies have to offer. Our rich entertainment software development experience in the industry allows us to guide you to upgrade to the latest technologies, deliver timely content across multiple distribution channels at lower costs, streamline the media planning process, track consumer behaviour, and generate new revenue streams.


Digital Media Processing Platform

Managing supply chain in the digital industry becomes very complex and time consuming when a client has thousands of media assets and each asset has to support multiple formats and languages on different retailer platforms. Digital distribution platform simplifies the asset finalization and distribution process by providing powerful workflows for titles, assets and metadata. Dashboard provides current status of assets while reports provide drilled down details.

  • Title metadata curation for accuracy
  • Create order and provide title
  • Single streamlined order processing system for digital media distribution
  • Asset Acquisition module for media qualification as deliverable asset
  • Mastering & finalization for media review and resolving issues
  • Upload metadata like title, languages, genre, crew etc. for various platforms and territories
  • Provide media file via upload on Amazon S3 or send physical media
  • Searching/aggregating large volume of records for generating dashboard data
  • Media owner can select languages, territories and retailers to publish movie or tv shows
  • A centralized model to view sales and other financial information from different platforms

Media distribution platform management

Analysing the market, managing titles and selling them on digital platforms is very challenging for well established studios due to the huge quantity in inventory and manual efforts. SaaS-based media distribution platform eliminates these challenges by making efficient workflows, automated pricing updates and reduced cost of sales and marketing. Platform also helps in connecting consumers with content at the correct price to increase revenue. Platform provides valuable insights about pricing trends using which content owners can run different campaigns.

  • Import module for studios
  • Location wise historical & current title position
  • Pre-live module to make movie titles available on different platforms on specific dates.
  • Update module to modify metadata including pricing on retailer platforms
  • Price comparison module for analytics purpose
  • Performance metrics to check updates and errors
  • Title library providing information about pricing, territory, languages, resolution, sales type etc.
  • Exception module providing information like mismatch in status, pricing, incorrect rating, date availability etc. between provider studios' data and retailers like iTunes and google play.
Media right

Digital Signage System (Online Vision)

Digital signage management system allows owners to design their own video wall and send messages specific to the audience, location and time. This system has three parts - Player, content management system and designer. System owners can design their own message content using images, video, audio and text files using designer and manage schedule and location from the content management system.

  • Multi-screen synchronized playback
  • Billing and payment module
  • Signage status and log reporting
  • Create playlist for different zones
  • Integrates images, videos, web pages, YouTube and many other media types
  • Media converter to convert uploaded media files in supported formats
  • Video wall designer for multi-screen and multi zone
  • Supports multiple screen sizes, resolutions and orientation
  • Scheduling playlist based on date and time
  • Managing signage like IP address, resolution and other settings
  • Live mirroring for real time content & health check
  • Multiple customized reports for analysis purpose

Digital Content DAM

Digital asset storage and management solutions aim at organizing media files and permission for digital rights. The time to go through thousands of files manually for hours in order to search for the one is gone. Our digital asset management solutions are the one-stop shop to store and manage all the images, videos, audios, metadata and other relevant files for your organization. Such an efficient solution makes storage and remote sharing of content rich files with your customers and team mates, regular back up, right management, addition of keywords for quick search much easier & hassle free.

Media Case Studies

We have changed the way media and entertainment companies distribute their content. Have a look at some of our projects.


Media Distribution Service

Challenges faced by independent movie makers and big movie production houses are different. As a leading entertainment software development company, TatvaSoft developed a solution that streamlined an independent studio’s workflow, expedited the process of data uploading, and automated the solution. This helped the client to efficiently manage media assets and distribution on different platforms.

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Digital Signage Management System

In public places, companies use digital signage system to display specific messages, information or promote brands. Our digital signage software consisting of a player, CMS system and designer helps users to efficiently manage audio, video and text content.

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Event Management App

TatvaSoft, as one of the leading entertainment software development company created an advanced mobile application with ground-breaking features for an event management company to pace up with the market trends, streamline overwhelming meeting requests and address each attendee individually. Using the meeting room application, our client grew his customer base by selling application to government and private organizations to better manage and schedule meetings in a timely manner.

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Global Presence

As a full-fledged IT service provider, TatvaSoft has marked its global presence with offices in five countries, including US, UK, Canada, Australia and India, with a skilled team specializing in different technologies.

We are tapping into the power of digital world, creating high impact solutions to boost the business efficiency. TatvaSoft as a Software Development Company is committed to provide End-to End Customized Solutions to our global customers and tackle the technology problems faced by businesses.

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