The client is a pioneer in event management and services operating all across the globe. The client approached TatvaSoft to develop an application specifically for industry-driven audiences and management of their day to day tasks. The client’s agenda was to develop an application that would manage all meetings for the client.

To pace up with the market trends and streamline the overwhelming number of meeting requests and the ambiguity that meetings leave up to the attendees needs to be addressed. The client wanted to make a product that would focus on a particular audience and their work, with a meeting management mobile application.


Tools & Technologies

  • expertise-tools


    iOS • Sharepoint

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    Programming Language

    Objective C

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    iAnnotate Library

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    Development Tool

    AzureAD • Xcode 11.3


Our Client had a clear foresight about their product and decided to build a robust and scalable app using TatvaSoft’s industry-leading iOS application development services. This app will allow admin users to add or remove attendees, share the agenda of the meeting and different rights as per the users. The application should also allow users to vote, speak, or can see Conflicts by users and Comments, Users can vote, add comments, conflict and speak and can download docs of meetings.

Our Approach

With the knack of technology expertise specifically in mobile application development, we have emerged to be one of the top IT companies to cater to customized business needs. Our solution needed to be futuristic, responsive, and strategically advanced so that the users can utilize it to the best of their abilities.




Our Meeting Management System takes meetings from confusion to consensus by managing meeting requests, attendees, schedules, agenda, minutes of meetings, and related actions.

Meetings and Announcements

Users can view their meetings on the first go, they can see viewed meetings and un-viewed meetings by a different color. They can download documents, can check the download list, and can see announcements if there are any.

Polls and Votes

When the administrator puts a poll, a popup will be displayed to meeting attendees who are eligible to vote and they can submit their vote. Once all the attendees provide their vote then the result will be shown. If it's a tie break condition then the attendee who is the tiebreaker will be asked to give his/her vote.

Conflicts and Solutions

If users are having any conflicts on discussing agenda then they can submit their conflict with reason and document. If a user has submitted the conflict then they cannot vote until it is resolved by the administrator. Users can also see the list of users who have submitted conflict along with its details.

Requests and Approvals

Users can add a Request for “Request to speak”. When the admin approves they have a right to give their opinion. The request will be submitted to admin and all speakers will have a chance to put their thoughts one by one as admin allows.

Download Facilities

Users can download the attachments and can view it. They can also add the annotation like highlight text, add notes, underline the text, etc. on the document and can save it for future use.

Key features were:

  • Meeting list and its detail
  • Live voting
  • Request to speak
  • Declare conflicts
  • Download meeting documents
  • Annotation
  • Group and Private comment
  • Search

Highlighted Features



TatvaSoft developed this application for the client’s business to streamline their meetings with a multitude of users across the globe. By utilizing TatvaSoft’s mobile app development service to create a custom solution the client has benefitted in many ways such as:

  • Professional agenda is conveyed in minutes rather than hours
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving effectiveness of the meeting