At TatvaSoft, we focus on addressing the IT challenges faced in the digitization process of legacy systems and help the organizations adapt to the digital and mobile platforms. Possessing outstanding IT skills, we have developed concrete solutions for the public sector to improve efficiency, and reduce their costs. Our latest and innovative technology solutions enable data privacy, scalability and security for digitizing the government processes.

Our Expertise

Due to the evolving expectation of businesses and citizens, government agencies are implementing digital transformation initiatives across the globe. We deliver custom solutions to streamline the processes and enhance data- driven experiences.


Computer Aided Dispatch System

Computer Aided dispatch system is an advanced solution for the government agencies and municipalities to digitize their public safety operations and improve the services to the community. The CAD software enables automation for the 911 emergency call and makes the communication handling more efficient and augmented. The municipality public safety departments can be more responsive, be at the right place with the right manpower, to help the community faster with the use of cutting-edge technology.

  • Single CAD for multiple municipalities
  • Manage public safety calls (911)
  • Multiview screens for caller & incident location
  • Real Time event que notifications
  • Real time tracking of security units
  • Recommendations of units to respond
  • Alerts for non-responsive units
  • Targeted addresses for specialized response
  • Integration with GIS, AVL, MDT, COLLECT
  • Dynamic report and audit functionality

Record Management System (RMS)

Record Management System is the most effective way to organize, track and store the vast amount of information that flows through your departments during the course of an incident or investigation. The reporting process can now be more streamlined and automated to run your department smoothly and efficiently. The law enforcement agencies and municipalities are benefitted by saving time and effort while having better access to the information needed.

  • System compliance with NIBRS & UCR
  • Dynamic workflow for incident reporting
  • Investigation management by staff
  • Crash reporting submission to DOT
  • Citation submission to CT Infractions Bureau
  • Arrest, booking and CISS integration
  • Property & Evidence tracking
  • Multiple types of warrants
  • Field interviews by officers
  • Use of force investigation
  • Photo Line-up for victim/witnesses
  • Integration with CISS, COLLECT and CAD

Criminal Case Management

A complete solution for the prosecutors or defendants to manage the cases and store details right from the arrest to the sentence. This web based application streamlines the daily tasks with built-in workflows and collaboration features and organizes the record of the person related to the cases, who are witnesses, defendants, co-defendants and victims. While prosecutors are equipped with information to protect the society, this is a time saving solution that simplifies the daily workload.

  • Different case creation based on violation type
  • Offender and victim management
  • Create charges based on governing law
  • Approval or amendment of charges by judge
  • Jury information management
  • Probations rules and violations
  • Bond creation for offenders
  • Disposition based on jury decision
  • Final verdict and sentencing
  • Traffic violation module
  • Document management for each case
  • Witness and witness classification
  • Historical court dates with proceeding information
  • Payment management for restitution
  • Evidence information storage
  • Dashboards for attorneys & judges

Court Security System

Managing security and surveillance is an important aspect for the safety of judges, prosecutors and witnesses. The software application allows rules-based monitoring to suit the requirements of different courtrooms using motion detectors, door monitors, access controls, DVR, metal detectors and fencing controllers. It provides a high degree of safety with real time updates on any incident. This innovative technology enables the operator to monitor all the events and take immediate necessary action as needed to minimize the dangerous incidents.

  • Integration of 3D floor view of premise
  • Plotting of security devices on 3D map
  • Real time status of device
  • Customized-rules for each device
  • Security notifications on map
  • Emergency lockdown or evacuation
  • Customized preset for video wall
  • Video recording, playback and export
  • Manage guard tour based on events
  • Multi-site data synchronization

Jail Management Software

A web-based Jail Management System makes the process of booking and detention as fast and as easy as possible. The advanced solution that is adaptive and innovative, aims to provide a secured method to input and manage information. While the online solution promotes information sharing, it also serves as a reliable way to achieve higher efficiency throughout the operations of jail management, from intake to release.

  • Inmate information management
  • Medical check-up and history
  • Detailed imaging module
  • Threat Groups level
  • Housed out for court appearance
  • Parole management
  • Court order of protection
  • Billing for external jails
  • Charges & Holds documents
  • Inmate earnings cash in/out
  • Inmate classification & cell assignment
  • Grievances information and solution
  • Pre-Release & Release process
  • Visitor & mail/package information
  • Inmate programs credits
  • Officer watch tour alarms

Youthcare Software

Children are the future of the world and their wrong upbringing can result in their inability to differentiate between the right and the wrong. The government’s aim to restore their social integration with the right kind of training and therapy is supported by the online application tool. The software solution enables better decision making based on the inferences from various analyses and allows for their better treatment and care by officials and social workers. It helps in creating a clear roadmap for their rehabilitation and provides an effective way to implement a correct justice mechanism.

  • Juvenile admission with personal information
  • Crime and sentencing information
  • Psychological and behaviour analysis
  • Different youthcare programs
  • School enrolment for the child
  • Regular Medical check-ups
  • Release process for court hearing
  • CJAMIT based assessment
  • Multiple youthcare data synchronization
  • Sentencing completion process
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Law Enforcement System

Use of technology is very critical for law enforcement agencies in training and evaluation, records management, incident management and more. The software application automates the incident reporting by efficiently responding to an event, documenting the details and managing the evidence. Agencies can create, store and access employee training records while also, review the performance in one, comprehensive application. With better analysis capability, agencies can be more efficient in various aspects of law enforcement training.

  • Job performance review for officers
  • Officer's FTO program review
  • Evaluation, training plan and certificates
  • Training videos & material management
  • Vehicle accident and cost
  • Internal affairs case reporting
  • Suspect charges and violations
  • Evidence management including body camera
  • Use of force reporting
  • Immigration enforcement reporting
  • Identify pursuit trends within your agency
  • Trend analysis for use of force in team
  • Dynamic form creations for agencies
  • Integration with CAD and PowerDMS

Driving License & Training

Driving licensing and renewal processes are time consuming due to strict government regulations and procedures and a very few authorities are permitted to grant the licences. The online solution provides a speedy way and automation to manage a large number of applicants. The entire process of training, licensing and renewal, which is mainly managed by the internal staff is streamlined in accordance with the RTA guidelines. The software application improves the accounting process for institutes and results in saving time and efforts. The enhanced capability and simpler process yields better revenue and efficiency for the authorities.

  • Issuance and renewal of license
  • Registration (Offline/Online)
  • Lectures (Classroom/E-learning)
  • Mock Test
  • Simulator Training
  • Practical Training
  • Transportation
  • Payments (Offline/Online)
  • Corporate service
  • Integration with RTA
  • Integration with SAP
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Live update (IVR/SMS/Email)

Public sector Case Studies

Discovering and analysing the nitty-gritty of each project to achieve measurable outcomes is what we have done for the world’s leading tech giants.


Records Management System

Using our technical expertise, our US-based customer developed a web-based product to help counties manage Police, Fire, and EMS services and respond to the events immediately. TatvaSoft’s developed solution streamlined the reporting process, managed the workflow, enter incident reports, and approvals- all through this centralized system.

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Law Enforcement Application

TatvaSoft technical skills of developing cutting edge application empowered an officers to maintain public safety in their counties and cities using an integrated application for law enforcement. Our expertise in technology developed an application that abides a wide range of law enforcement acts with integration to existing applications like CAD, PowerDMS.

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Court Case Management System

A holistic Legal data management platform for courts, defenders and prosecutors to overcome ambiguous data regarding each case and assignment. TatvaSoft developed a smart cloud-based solution with strong statistical analysis capabilities to govern significant information meticulously and securely.

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Global Presence

As a full-fledged IT service provider, TatvaSoft has marked its global presence with offices in five countries, including US, UK, Canada, Australia and India, with a skilled team specializing in different technologies.

We are tapping into the power of digital world, creating high impact solutions to boost the business efficiency. TatvaSoft as a Software Development Company is committed to provide End-to End Customized Solutions to our global customers and tackle the technology problems faced by businesses.