Our client is a leading public sector company working on multiple cases of states, counties and their legal associations. Managing multiple legal cases and their bonds with a multitude of prosecutors was a laborious task for our client. With a suitable agenda of accessing information through a common source, the client decided to develop a cloud-based product that automates the entire management of legal cases along with the status of each case of the prosecutors.

The custom application needed to have strong capabilities of statistical analysis. This provided the best information to each office and its officials to conduct prosecution services. The most critical challenge faced during the development phase was to build a cloud-based solution that incorporates all the features available only on the desktop version along with a cloud-based version.

The Key Challenges of the project were:

  • To develop a Cloud-based system with top-notch look, feel, and functionalities for windows.
  • To develop a single-window solution for each case and prosecutors.
  • Special features that can be easily adopted and maintained by power users.
  • Efficient document management with all industry standardized tactics and storage access.
  • Inability to generate dynamic reports or build a platform with a robust SQL query builder that allows the user to design and generate the report on the fly.
  • Unable to automatically generate and email multiple documents in a single process
  • Inability to digitize paper-based documents
  • Unable to integrate Westlaw Management, eFiling services in the existing system


  • expertise-tools

    Tools & Technology

    ASP.Net • C# • Aspose.Words.dll • AJAX • SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Service) • Microsoft SQL Server • Windows Server • Internet Information Server


After thoughtful considerations about client distinct needs, TatvaSoft developed a fully integrated and complete business solution using Microsoft Technology (.NET Technology and SQL Server, Crystal Reports) enabling the following features:

  • Created a Cloud-based system with exclusive look, feel, and functionalities for windows
  • Document Management & Generation using Azure, SharePoint, or Filesystem.
  • Microsoft Word Mail Merge function to easily generate documents for one case or multiple cases at the same time
  • Case and charge management
  • A powerful relational database for all-inclusive case tracking and reporting​​​​​
  • ​​​​​In-built TWAIN-compliant web-based scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) skills
  • Generate appointments and tasks based on rules provided
  • Automation the workflow
  • Added GUI mirroring for desktop application
  • Facility to use mouse key, function key, and Keyboard shortcuts
  • Dynamic Grid which only loads data when required.
  • All case information can be viewed prominently on screen
  • Provide advocate with access to all case information and easy tracking services about a victim.
  • Planned to update a docket with upcoming proceedings without searching for each case
  • Electronic Arrest/Referral Transfers and Restitution
  • User customizable dashboard along with ability place required widgets on the dashboard
  • Victim Service based text notification provided to send a text notification to user
  • Worksheet integration into the dashboard.
  • Role-based authentication to provide very specific rights per user.
  • Generate all the statistics from this cloud-based platform along with their maintenance reports.


Legal data about crimes, prosecutors, and their cases were sensitive information that needed to be maintained without any data breaches. The client trusted TatvaSoft which allowed us to create a platform to address/secure such sensitive information. With the utmost integrity and security, TatvaSoft created this cloud-based solution using .NET, C# and Microsoft products for our client- the government agency. This application helped them reap multiple benefits such as

  • Significantly improved the communication and workflow between two separate physical locations by providing one integrated system
  • Our reliable, resilient, and robust system offers almost all the functionalities required to automate the entire process.
  • Easy data conversion from legacy systems.
  • Improved Docket control and the ability to track judgment passed on cases based upon crime categories and the prosecutor assigned.
  • Customizable reports as per user needs
  • Made most of the processes automated and paperless.