The US-based client is a logistics company dealing with a large gamut of dealers, customers’ vehicles, and GPS devices. The client wanted to bring all the stakeholders on a single platform and thus decided to develop a centralized platform for easy accessibility. The client’s platform has two requirements, the first one was to ensure GPS position data is shown on the world map and the second one was the GNX device (GPS transmission device) should transmit data from the vehicle to database servers.

Our client wanted a solution that could make it easy to keep an eye on the vehicles in transit. “GPS Tracking System” has a wide range of goals and objectives out of which the prime considerations while developing the project are listed below

  • Capability to handle any kind of device/protocol and store their variable data
  • Ability to keep track with all the physical devices
  • Live tracking of the current fleet along with historical data
  • Custom violation rules
  • Fleet routine maintenance
  • Communication between driver and system and ability to guide them
  • Efficient driving report and fuel report
  • Custom reporting and scheduling of them 


  • expertise-tools

    Tools & Technology

    ASP.Net • ADO.Net • jQueryC# • WCF • Microsoft SQL Server • Spago BI • IIS • Google Maps and service • Bing maps • Open layer maps


Considering the complexities of the project, our team of web development experts at TatvaSoft created a .NET-based smart application for efficient GPS Tracking. Our tailor-made solution was mobile which added easy accessibility from the internet at any point of time.

 Some of the salient features of the application are

  • SaaS-based architecture and ability to deploy the system in-house or on customer premise
  • Different user type of customer, reseller, admin
  • Inventory system to maintain devices across customer
  • Socket based (TCP/UDP) system to get the real-time data from the device
  • Custom mapping solution to keep track of all the variable data coming from a different device
  • Use of Google, bing, and open layer maps to display live location on map and plot historical trail
  • Addition of Geofences to keep track of all malicious activity
  • Custom alert engine with user-defined configurable rules like driving without a seat belt for more than 10 seconds
  • User reminder to keep track of all maintenance tasks like oil change, type change, renewing vehicle registration
  • Integrate with Garmin devices to enable communication between driver and user
  • Ability to send multiple destinations to the driver
  • Driver scorecard report based on accelerometer data
  •  Fuel report based on sensor data
  • Custom reports using Spago BI


There were many uncertainties, errors, and complexities while developing the product because it involved the GPS tracking and identification of malicious activities. With TatvaSoft as their web app development partner, client was able to boost their operational efficiency and accomplish multiple business benefits such as

  • Customers were able to sell the application to user or reseller
  • Ability to scale the application vertically and horizontally
  • Supported 4000 vehicles and their data for one customer
  • Easily keep track of all devices in the organization
  • View the live status of vehicles on different maps
  • Manipulate all auxiliary data to raise an event
  • Control the movement of vehicles using geofences
  • Setup custom violation rules for different countries
  • Easy to keep track of all the due maintenance tasks
  • Better end-user experience by adding ETA to their delivery
  • Better handling of vehicles and control the harsh driving
  • Ability to add a custom report and schedule them