Our client is located in the Greater Toronto area, central to all ground and air hubs of Canada. The client has around 210,000 square feet state-of-the-art warehouse facility that was custom designed and built-in 2001. They are continuously enhancing the warehouse with the latest equipment and storage systems. Later, they also expanded their warehouse with an additional 60,000 square feet facility to upscale their business with changing demands of the market and customers.

The client’s core marketing support services encompass the full spectrum of fulfilment, distribution, and call center management. The client mainly offers the following services to its customers.

Warehouse Management

The client’s core marketing support services encompass the full spectrum of fulfilment, distribution, and call center management. The client mainly offers the following services to its customers.

Marketing Services

The client has positioned itself to execute traditional marketing programs while still embracing the electronic revolution.

Customer Management

The client has an in-house Call Center that provides bilingual Customer Relationship Management for both technical support and customer care.

The client wanted to develop a web-based application that provides effective warehousing administration, marketing services, and customer management. It needed to include live tracking of the shipment from the warehouse to the customers with every single shipment notification. It also needed to include inventory charts and reports, bin management, document management, and scanning of inventory with barcode or unique code generation.

The primary goals that the client wanted to accomplish are

  • Ability to manage a diverse business process and rapidly customize the offerings as per the client’s needs.
  • Offers robust order processing alternatives that include a fully integrated web-based catalog to process your B2B or B2C transactions. Added credit card processing, cash management, and data warehousing to achieve a comprehensive e-commerce solution.
  • Develop a system that provides order management, warehouse process management, accounting facilities, bulk import of data into the system, manages some sub-projects like Shop Cart, API Project, etc.
  • The dashboard of the project provides the progress of related orders and graphical charts.
  • Provide some dynamic report facility by which admin can see different reports based on different filters.
  • Empower the warehouse manager by providing bin, pallet, and shipping pick management facilities.
  • With billing facilities, it makes easy monthly payments of large orders from the headquarters of customers.
  • Support customers by making it easy to import their bulk of data into the system by excel import facility.


  • expertise-tools

    Tools & Technology

    Microsoft .NET • MVC • JQuery • Web Forms(C#) • Microsoft SQL Server • Crystal Report • IIS • RDLC


As a web development company, TatvaSoft provided a web-based business solution to our Canadian client and to better manage all the warehouse details and customer information of his/her users. Our experts chose .NET framework for the project.

Some of the salient features of the application are

Customer Management

This module provides customers to add/update different information related to charges, billing, shipping, users, freights, etc. The client has multiple users to use the system based on user roles and groups.

User & Roles Management

This module provides to add/update a list of users under one customer with the basic information of the user and security details related to access to the system based on roles.

Bin Management

The client wanted a warehouse management system that also has bin management to manage the extra stocks of the warehouse. With this functionality, the client can efficiently manage all the information like row, height, depth, sub bin, pick a priority, status of the bin, etc. It will also search which inventory is located in which particular bin.

Inventory Management

This module will maintain inventory information customer wise. Inventory can be added manually or it can be added in the system by importing from excel. Users can add/update inventory images using API and image import facility. Also, users can maintain the units of measurement, kits/groups.

Ship To

This module refers to the address of the item to be shipped. This contains all the information like a contact name, shipping address, contact number, etc.


When the order arrives, it is available for shipping. It has information related items like the order, charges, freight, and label, tracking information, payment information, etc. This module also has print packing and picking slips for printing.

Shipping Picking

When an order is ready to pick, users can update information for that particular order like how many pieces are picked from which inventory, from which bin. It is fully supported by a barcode scanner for ease of operations.


This module allows the user to order from the store and store the shipments in the warehouse i.e. receiving. This module also has a facility of pallet management.

Stock Pallet

After receiving all inventories related to receiving an order, the client can arrange those into bins and those bins into pallets. After arrangements, the user can stock the pallet into the warehouse and it is fully supported by a barcode scanner for ease of operations.

Bin Transfer

This module has a facility to transfer inventory from one bin to another for some purpose. It saves all information related to transfer and also checks bin size and capacity.


This module will track all the shipments when shipped so users can manage all the information related to the supplier, ship-to address, weight, date, and time.


Information dashboard that provides real-time information about shipped orders, processing orders, invoiced orders, open orders, stocked orders, open orders, etc. Also, it displays a graphical representation of data related to Revenue, Sales, and Inventory.


This module manages the accounting and facilitates the calculation of monthly inventory invoice summary, monthly inventory invoice detail, etc. It also has the functionality to print that invoice.


This module contains detailed information and reports of inventory, shipping, receiving, bin, pallet, etc. in RDLC as well as Crystal Report. Some of the reports contain a barcode so it's easy to scan that particular item and store it on the portal. All the reports have print functionality as well.


Our client trusted our web application development skills and by a successful collaboration with TatvaSoft, the client was able to obtain several advantages like:

  • Improved and enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Better flexibility by allowing users to map their strategy to accomplish the project.
  • Reduced inbound transparent costs
  • Reduced safety stock costs
  • Aggregation of all the facilities on a single platform with simplified usage