Our client is a Miami-based golf coach who had a significant inclination towards developing a windows-based custom application that can allow simultaneous capture and display of data of golf player’s practice session in real-time. The client’s application was intended to track real-time 3D biomechanical data from magnetic trackers. This collected data can be utilized in applied research as well as for coaching professionals.

The client approached TatvaSoft with the idea of creating a “Golf Simulation System” that allows computers to analyze data captured while a golf player hits a ball then it will display 3D animation output and synthesize it as a biomechanical report.

Key challenges of the project were:

  • Unable to establish successful communication between the host computer and the captured device
  • Capturing data at 240 Hz from six different sensors without missing a single record
  • Unable to ensure synchronization of 3D motion capture system signals
  • Unable to process digital signals
  • • Inability to create 3D animation of golfer based on data received from sensors
  • Unable to build and determine critical frame/instant in time
  • Select appropriate animation models/meshes for display
  • Re-sizing of animation models/meshes to match with individual golfer's dimensions


  • expertise-tools

    Tools & Technology

    Microsoft .Net • C# • Microsoft Windows Server • Microsoft Chart Controls for .Net • 3D Object/Mesh Viewer • Crystal Reports • Microsoft Access


Considering the client’s requirement complexity in developing the golf Simulator application, our expert product development team at TatvaSoft proposed unique development ideas to the client. In agreement with that, we created the Golf Simulation System that provides multiple benefits to all the golf coaches to analyze swings, decipher areas where the player needs attention, and analyze each and every detail without going to the golf court.

Some of the core highlighted features of the solution are

  • Read and capture 3D data from trackers (cabled device or wireless sensors) at the rate of 240 data per second from each sensor
  • Data Verification and synchronization
  • Digital signal processing
  • Defining a standard view for 3d animation
  • A comparison of the golfer's swing with a perfect swing
  • 360-degree view of the golf players positions while playing a shot
  • Providing export functionality for variables as well as data
  • Generating different graphical reports
  • In-built customization of reporting tools
  • Inserted functionality of keeping a track record of all trained players with the skillset
  • Integration with external hardware like pressure mats & launch monitors
  • Manage players personal information with Analysis History


TatvaSoft developed “Golf Simulation System” has helped the client to become one of the leading golf coaches and train players and professionals for skill improvement. The client has achieved multiple benefits from our solution such as

  • Allowing the seamless flow of information to develop from the “feels” associated with a different movement pattern.
  • Limited Space needs by catering to any size of areas or yards.
  • Helpful for the golf coach to provide the flexibility of use, ease of setup but with full 6DOF 3D motion capture.
  • Low Budgeted and high output solution
  • Due to the controlled climate within a golf simulator space, one no longer has to worry about your round of golf being canceled.