Client and Business Challenges

Our customer is a US-based IT solution provider who has his business spanned across various countries. The sole aim of their business is to create unique web-based applications which they can sell to other companies as a technology solution. One such product they aimed to develop is the Hybrid Identity management tool. The primary agenda of the Hybrid Identity Management tool is to create a centralized web application platform that will manage data from multiple sources such as on-premise Active Directory and Azure Active Directory resources, identity back-ups and restore, etc. With the same intent, the client approached TatvaSoft a top-notch software development service provider for assistance in developing this application. This developed application should include the following functionalities:

  • Companies can enrol and manage their cloud and on-premises resources in a modern hybrid environment
  • Manage on-premise Active Directory and Office 365 Azure Active Directory identities
  • Continuous assessment of resources and ability to detect, alert, remediate and recover
  • Backup, archive and restore identity information
  • A dashboard that reflects data summary, alerts, errors and health check-up on identity activities


  • expertise-tools

    Tools & Technology • .NET core • MVC • C# • JavaScript • jQuery • CSS • Bootstrap • Microsoft SQL server

  • expertise-reporting-tools

    Application Integration

    Microsoft Graph API • Microsoft Azure functions • Microsoft Azure notification hub • Microsoft Azure Service Bus • Microsoft Azure SignalR • Microsoft Azure marketplace


Increasing technology evolution has made businesses utilize technology into creating new-edge technology solutions. Our client decided to develop an application that would efficiently utilize data from different sources and manage numerous ongoing activities in multiplicity through a single platform. Web experts at TatvasSoft decided to use Microsoft technologies and frameworks like .NET, MSSQL and Azure Integration. TatvaSoft has been a consistent and reliable cloud technology partner for businesses to develop this type of web application with the following features.

  • To manage multi data sources from on-premise Active Directory and Azure Active Directory from identities such as Users, Groups, Contacts, exchange Mailbox and similar information sources.
  • Hybrid Identity Management to combine the resources of both on-premise and cloud identities.
  • Assign an agent to install on-premise applications that would improve the communication between active directories and web portals.
  • Manage Identity Back-up.
  • Validation of data coming from On-Premise AD back-up, Azure AD back-up, Hybrid Identity back-up, etc.
  • Schedule/real-time back-ups for Identities.
  • Search and Compare differences and similarities from various back-ups.
  • Manage restoration of Identity
  • Restoration of On-Premise AD, Azure AD and Hybrid Identities
  • Single/Multiple identities restore from various back-up.
  • Multiple services for continuous assessment of identities, detect any unusual scenario, provide alert that customers can investigate and recover.
  • Create a dashboard for customers to see the back-up status, number of Identity changes, alerts, error, any unusual activity, etc.
  • Azure marketplace integration to sell this product.


The client collaboration with TatvaSoft, a leading web application development company has offered huge benefits to the client, apart from a unique product. This product is highly compatible, scalable and responsive across various markets and can remarkably benefit every organization using it. With the help of this web product, our client was able to take advantages such as:

  • Manage on-premise, cloud and hybrid identities from anywhere anytime.
  • Businesses can easily track the accessibility and rights of different resources.
  • Ability to synchronize on-premise Active Directory with Azure AD.
  • Schedule a back-up, compare different back-ups to identify the changes.
  • Restore one or multiple soft/hard deleted identities.
  • Restore user, groups, mailbox, etc.
  • Restore directory at any particular date or time.
  • Receive alerts to notify if any suspicious activities take place.
  • Remediate unauthorized actions immediately, recover from security incidents.
  • Easily purchase the product from the marketplace or directly from a web address.
  • View summary of identity changes, the status of back-up, alerts and identity health status on Dashboard.