Our client is based in the US who is an emerging provider of sales configuration solutions that are tightly integrated with CRM, ERP, SAP, and other e-commerce systems. This robust integration of databases ensures the emergence of a fully automated Quote-to-Order solution. However, the normal quote and order process is very time-consuming and complicated, consuming more than an hour of the salesperson's time. Thus, there was a need to create a sales solution that can automate the quoting process which takes less than 10 minutes to prepare a quote.

TatvaSoft recommended a .NET-based enterprise solution that integrates Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, and simplified the quoting and price agreement process. The solution delivered a wide range of objectives and some of the prime considerations of our CPQ solution are listed below

  • To integrate CPQ (Configure Price Quote) with the Salesforce and Dynamics CRM
  • To develop an intelligent search solution and search tags
  • Establish effective communication channels with secure real-time access to business information without time or space confines


  • expertise-tools

    Tools & Technology

    Microsoft .NET • MVC • C# • WCF • Silverlight • Salesforce • Dyamics • CRM • Entity Framework • Microsoft RDLC reports • JSON • jQuery • XSLT • AppFabric Caching services • Microsoft SQL Server • Windows Server


Our .NET developers understood the client’s requirements and examined the challenges they face and drew an outline of progression with the application development. We developed a CPQ (Configure Price Quote) System with seamless integration with Salesforce CRM. Microsoft offerings like MSSQL, C#, Windows Server were our first choice for the project. The CPQ system has the following features that are useful and effective.

  • Creation of fast and accurate quotes and price agreements:

    CCPQ automates the quoting and price agreement process & delivers the quotes and price agreements to the customers within 10 minutes of request initiation.
  • Cross and up-sell Recommendations:

    Provides the flexibility to recommend other product for consideration or recommend entire configurations throughout the quoting process.
  • Accurate forecasting with CRM integration:

    Customization of Salesforce CRM in order to support the price rule engine. Customization includes entities, fields, attributes, forms, charts, etc. to meet with the business process and the legacy system.
  • Customization of User Interface components:

    Allows to customize the menus, ribbons, forms layout, dashboard, etc.
  • Indirect access to your CRM system:

    Our custom application provides access to CRM from the CPQ system using the same login credentials. This gives you the feeling and impression of working on your CRM system. It also provides facility of organization workflow configuration, dialogs, and facility of managing custom work orders.
  • Proposal and Report generation:

    Customers can customize the reports by attaching the company logo and other details. They can also include any customized terms and conditions in these reports.
  • Visual Sales Configurator:

    CPQ with 3D visualization is added to enable the sales representative, partners, or customers to see what exactly they are purchasing.
  • eCommerce Portal:

    Leverages extensive API that exchanges data between CRM and Ecommerce Portal. It facilitates the management of accounts, opportunities, and quotes across discrete systems in real-time without loss of information.
  • Quick Output:

    All products and pricing are packaged correctly with discounting capabilities and a consistent branded Quote output.


Our successful past-collaboration with US-based clients delivered profitable business benefits to our current clients. Our CPQ Solution has surged the revenue to a great extent. Our software development solution delivered successful benefits such as

  • Improved and simplified process of quoting in terms of effort
  • Enabled the client to sell this solution either stand-alone or integrated with Salesforce CRM.
  • CRM integrated CPQ solution helped to eliminate inefficiencies in the sales process to reduce quote turnaround, shrink sales cycle, increase the deal size by bringing all departments together.
  • Automate, the error-free and fast business process resulted in a strong strategic partnership and turned novice sales representatives into Sales leaders.
  • Cutting edge technology enabled minimum errors and maximum benefits.