Our customer is a leading retail management company operating across multiple industries such as manufacturing units, service-based organizations, distributor agencies, retail shops, restaurants, and many. To manage all these industries conveniently, they decided to create a web-based SaaS (Software as a service) business solution for account management. In addition to accounting, this business solution was aimed to cater business management services to other facets of retail such as inventory, purchase, sales, and others.

The Supermarket POS system was designed to offer multiple features in the business solution such as

  • A SaaS-based business solution for multi-stores and multi-branch organizations.
  • Automatic invoice and report generation to notify different users.
  • Our developed system will support a multi-level user authentication process.
  • Customization of reports as per business needs.
  • Mobile view of the application with dedicated apps and features for multiple business activities.


  • expertise-tools

    Tools & Technology

    Microsoft .Net • Angular • C# • TypeScript • Kotlin • Microsoft Windows Server • IIS Web Server • Microsoft SQL Server • DevExpress Controls/Reports • DevExtreme Components • Android Clean Architecture (for mobile apps)


After analysing comprehensive requirements of the customer, as an experienced web development company, TatvaSoft provided a business solution that was intended to precisely manage the business process of the customer which was broadly inclusive of all retail activities.

The scalability of Microsoft services like .NET, MS SQL, Windows Server along with open-source web frameworks like Angular allows us to offer a wide range of features. Some of the fundamental features of the application are listed below


Provides flexibility to manage account-related activities such as account charts, budget, cost centres, journal, payment and receipt vouchers and their related reports like trial balance, profit & loss statement, balance sheet.


The system supports multiple currencies with exchange rates relative to the base currency. It generates highly informational reports on forex profit and loss.


This module provides information and support on cash deposits, withdrawals, and bank reconciliation processes. It also maintains track of various banks and their transactions.


Facilitates product information including pricing, multi-units, barcodes, bill of materials, warranty details, etc. This module supports multi-warehouse, opening stock, stock adjustment, serial number wise product tracking, product batch & expiry date, and related reports.


System supports multiple branches with stock transfer between branches and consolidated reports of multiple branches.


Features to manage vendors, material requisition, purchase order, goods receipt note, purchase invoice, purchase return, and related reports.


Provides all the information about customers, quotations, sales order, delivery note, sales invoice, sales return, and related reports.

Time Tracking

Facilitates the time-management of projects, services, timesheet, invoice, and related reports.

Fixed Asset

Effectively handles assets of companies and their activities like purchase, revaluation, depreciation, disposal, sales, etc.


Generates BOM (Bill of Materials), Job Cards, Job Production, Quality Control, and related reports separately for each manufacturing unit.

Point of Sales (POS)

Using the sales terminal feature, multiple items can be sold to customers easily and with the additional support of multiple payment gateways, offline support, and touch screen interface.

Restaurant POS

Restaurant order management, kitchen order tokens, recipes, buffet, table reservation, take away & home delivery of meals, and related reports can be handled using this POS system.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty programs, promotions, loyalty plans, gift vouchers, point redemptions, and related reports can be managed effectively through this feature.

Sales Force Management

Facilitates management of salesmen, commission, prospects, visit schedule of salesmen for customers & prospects, merchandise, and related reports.

Route Sales

Provision to provide the functionality to sell products to customers by working a route. This module supports the management of routes, vehicles, stock movement from/to vehicles and relates reports.


Informative Dashboard gives a summary of monthly sales/purchase, monthly income/expense, net profit, bank balance, and other useful information with customization.

Supports various voucher classes, types and customization including multiple print formats, serial number customization.

Supports multiple language options, automatic report generation (with e-mail option), customization of print formats, mail templates, and other timely notifications.

Apart from a responsive web interface, there are different mobile apps for Android-based smartphones of different modules like Time Tracking, Sales Force Management, and Route Sales with offline support.


The customer was extremely satisfied with the solution TatvaSoft delivered. Through Finance and POS solution, the customer achieved benefits such as

  • Optimized process management and streamlining of multiple business activities such as accounting, inventory, purchase, sales, etc
  • Seamless shopping experience at the convenience
  • Cloud-based servers allowed users to access our solution anytime, anywhere
  • Combine multiple departments, branches and independent business units to create exceptional financials reports using our solution