Our UAE based client is a retail giant who was venturing to sell products of pop culture such as collectibles, soft toys, and miniatures. They already have retail stores that cover more than 17000 sq. ft. to attract multitudes of crowds of varying age and interest, bringing them to a whole new world that was previously not available in the region.

The client was supremely inspired by eCommerce giants like Amazon and so decided to develop a digital online platform with high-end collectibles, pop-culture merchandise, apparel and novelty items. Their store would cater to all the on-demand needs of their customers, delivering custom-made products of their favorite pop artists as per the demand. They wanted the delivery drivers to reach every door around the globe.

With the same idea, the client approached us and shared his ideology of upscaling local stores online and becoming more accessible to local people. Since we had expertise and experience of similar product solutions, our team seamlessly delivered all the requirements of the client without any technical glitches. Our Magento development team was adept and backed-up with industry knowledge to develop the best e-commerce store for both merchandisers and for customers.

The only challenge that our team faced was with shipping methods and payment gateway in Postaplus which demanded comprehensive research and time to be spent on finding a solution.


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    Tools & Technology

    PHP • MySQL • Magento 2 • Apache


After a comprehensive understanding of the client’s requirements, we instantly started with this project as our dedicated PHP developers have hands-on experience in developing websites based on the Magento platform. With the highest level of confidence and proficiency, our business team prepared a structural document to give a holistic view of the entire project.

Our technical experts suggested our client develop an on-demand solution that includes an intuitive front-end UI and a backend website. Using this on-demand solution, the customers can easily order their pop-culture merchandise and the store owners can easily manage the orders, products, requests, prices, and issues.


Simple sign-up process

The website with its simple sign-up feature makes it easy for users to sign-up, filling required details. ReCaptcha is used to maintain the security of the website. Once the user signs-up on the website he/she can log in using an email-id and password.

Browse by category

If the customer has not decided on a particular product or wants to look at different options to make up his mind, he can browse under various categories in the selection. These categories are product types, manufacturers, new arrivals, themes. More categories and subcategories are added as per the availability.

Search option

This website of pop-culture offers a search filter for all the customers, allowing customers to search for collectibles, toys, or any type of entertainment by ratings, expertise, category, and experience.

Add to favorites

We integrated the ‘add to favorites’ feature into this on-demand pop-culture business website that allows users to add their favorite entertainment type in their favorite list and order them as per their needs in the future.

Multiple currency support

This website supports multiple currencies like AED and USD, so users of this website can select any currency out of these two and use the website to order products without any hassle.

Payment gateway integration

The website comes with a safe and secure payment option, making it easier for customers to make payments from the website. Customers can choose one payment option from multiple payment modes.


Our experienced and skilled Magento developers surpassed the clients’ expectations by going above and beyond the requirement to deliver a custom e-commerce platform. We have successfully developed and delivered the platform, including required features and functionalities that were demanded by our client. The client was also able to reap multiple benefits such as

  • Ease in ordering and selling for both customers and local providers who want to sell these merchandise
  • Readily accessible high-end collectibles and pop-culture merchandise
  • Doorstep deliveries
  • Voice to text feature which allows customers to pronounce the product name into the application and it will find all the details and make an order to any place across the globe
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction because of extra attention given to each customer's needs
  • The client has outgrown in terms of business with a larger customer base
  • One-stop solution to manage the entire pop-culture business
  • Efficiently manages everything from orders, earnings, delivery, and many more.