Clients and Business Challenges

The client is a US-based Healthcare organization providing medical consulting and other healthcare-related treatments and solutions. The client’s singular aim was to develop applications that simplify and streamlines their existing business challenges in the healthcare domain. To pace up with digitalization the client decided to advance healthcare services by developing a healthcare app with easy accessibility of information and data-related activities for doctors and patients. This application was designed to facilitate a multitude of purposes using information gathered from patients, labs, patient’s appointments, doctor’s prescription and insurance companies.

As a leading healthcare company, they understand the type of challenges healthcare professionals face when there are a number of patients at the desk each with different healthcare data. Thus, they decided to simplify this complex process by developing an application for easy data access, real-time data availability, patient records and other critical metrics at fingertips.

The key features of the aimed application are

  • Demographic detail and Medical History
  • Patient Appointments and Calendar
  • Registered Labs & Reports Management
  • Insurance Management
  • EMR integration to fetch information
  • Real-time Notifications


  • expertise-tools

    Tools & Technology

    ROR • Linux • Nginx • PostgreSQL


Our technical experts know that the healthcare business is turning towards apps with the effective use of portable devices by physicians, doctors and nurses for their day to day quick information. So, we developed this customized application using Ruby on Rails to ensure that the app is robust, scalable and agile. To improve the feasibility and provide easy access, we developed a user-friendly solution with advanced modules that helped doctors to have a holistic view of patients, personalize treatment, enable transparency in communication and improve overall health outcomes. Our solution modules are inclusive of features such as

Demographic and Medical History

This module covers all types of forms that the healthcare business would provide to their patients. These forms will include medical information about the patients like Gynaecological tests, Pregnancy information, Fertility treatment, Surgical, Medication information about the patient and their family. The physician can see all the patient’s information and associated medical history (if any) using their account.


Using this module patients are allowed to book appointments online for a specific time, doctor or branch. The system will process the booked appointment notifying the timely status of booking for the patient or any family member.

Patient and Physician Communicate

This system facilitates easy communication between the physician and the patient by allowing transparent communication and easier access to medical history records for improved treatment understanding.

Managing Multiple Healthcare branches

Multiple healthcare branches, doctors and hospitals are registered under the application and this System has a functionality to manage these distinct healthcare branches, doctors and patients filtering it by branch.

Integration with EMR Systems

We developed an application that allows simpler integration with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems with simpler search options for patient’s medical information and reports integrated with the latest healthcare system.

Assessment and Plan

Doctors can easily add assessed information to the system after patient check-ups. If the patient has performed other examinations then the test results as well as the general measurements of the body such as Physical, Pelvic and ultrasound will also be stored in the system. The system also saves all assessment history versions so physicians can access that and check easily.

Insurance Management

A complete Insurance process module is included in the system which has the Patient's insurance information and necessary details for the online insurance process to claim.

Appointment Notifications

This system allows you to send notifications to all the users of the application from doctors, patients and other hospital staff regarding appointments created, assigned and a reminder of appointments.


Our custom web application is aimed to streamline the operations of healthcare service providers. The application developed was successfully able to cater business needs and benefit them significantly with outcomes such as

  • Easier access to the system by patients and Physicians.
  • Healthcare management becomes flexible with a single app managing multiple branches and facilities.
  • Patients can get an online consultation through the application and there is transparency in online communication with Physicians.
  • Centralized Medical history of patients using this application provided access from any branch to any physician.