Client and their business requirements

The client is a UK-based leading provider of cost-effective wireless automatic meter reading (AMR/AMI) systems to water, electricity and gas utility companies as well as sub-metering users. The client is a supplier of a comprehensive range of water meters. To operate those physical devices (water meter), the client approached TatvaSoft with an idea to develop a smart route portal for metering and maintenance of installed devices.

The client’s existing system was conventional and so they monitored the entire network of connected DC (Data collector) with respective water meters (IoT based) to generate analytical reports and billing information on regular intervals with all the manual tasks for updating every detail. The client approached TatvaSoft with an ideology to develop a portal that can provide an automated system to notify its user for installation and monitoring of meters.

TatvaSoft's team of skilled Java developers ideated an outline for the project and developed an emerging solution that was named ‘Utility Portal’ that streamlined clients’ business at multiple levels and accelerated their processes.


To develop client’s vision into an application that would simplify their monitoring and installation needs was a cumbersome task. For the development of “Utility Portal”, the business had some prime requirements such as:

  • Implement the functionality in the proposed solution for auto-updating of the update status according to the collected data of DC and Endpoint installation.
  • Implement the feature which can replace the existing manual process i.e. any fault in site/region/EP/DC is been notified via call, so it takes so many manual processes to fix the fault.
  • Manage all the analytical reports and bills which were generated manually and notified to the respective consumer via paper.
  • Implement the features in the solution which replace the manual User management process.


  • expertise-tools

    Tools & Technology

    JAVA • Spring • Hibernate • Angular • Apache Maven • Liquidbase • Apache velocity • SweetAlert • Bootstrap • HTML • Css • Eclipse Luna • n-tie • Apache Tomcat • MySQL


TatvaSoft fulfilled the intricate demands of the client and developed a cloud-based software solution which can be easily accessed from desktops. Our custom product is technologically advanced, feature-rich, and user-friendly features that promote the purchase of this software product. Following are some of the most sought after features of the solution:


  • Customer Management and data plan subscription management.
  • Portal Configuration – It supports the different configuration functionality like VPN Configuration, Network Parameters, Other Setting, Country, and currency management, etc.
  • Monitor and maintain the different parameters for the battery management for both meters and DC.


  • Manage different consumers with related Account Management.
  • Endpoint management includes set billing dates, assign tariffs, billing frequency, assign consumer and register, and site location. Also, add a feature for raising queries with clients related to the audit of a fund.
  • Different supporting features like Site Management, DC Management, District Meter Management, Scheduler Management, Connection Map, Installer management, Technician Management Tariff Management for office, home, etc.
  • Installation Management functionality based on a different country, currency, and time zone.
  • Analytics Feature: Various type of reports (for network/abnormal/aggregate consumption) for the custom period
  • Facilitates the customer for setup installation and commissioning to collect data from the meter to DC to the portal.


  • The feature enables consumers to view the details like the status of daily consumption, estimated bill, last bill, bill analytics, and usage analysis, etc.


  • Functionality allows users to upload and download Endpoint and DC files to manually configure the device.


Partnering with TatvaSoft, a custom software development company, the client achieved a full spectrum of benefits with their end-to-end services. The client’s business observed an unexpected surge in productivity and improved their core business offerings.

  • Measures regular meter reading automatically for the purpose of billing and analytics
  • Ease in network installation and maintenance
  • Accessible data for analysis and to identify flaws
  • Improved business management, offering transparency and visibility on all the processes

The Final Word

“TatvaSoft's expertise in Billing Management services, combined with its deep industry knowledge enables it to offer most wide-ranging, user-friendly, and comprehensive business solutions to the customer.”