Our client is a publicly traded company which provides wide range of mechanical, electrical and street lighting services. The biggest roadblock for the local authorities and other operators of national infrastructure was the inability to take a bird’s eye view of the services they offer and hence lag behind in making optimal decisions during operations. In order to meet these specific needs, the city officials and local authorities decided to create an integrated system i.e. a ‘Smart City’ platform for the infrastructure they operate.

Key challenges of the project were:

  • Unable to derive a holistic picture of their services in real-time and the integrated capabilities to perform timely operational actions.
  • Inability to generate real-time information of operations because of no centralized data source.
  • Lack of service deliveries optimization, cost reduction and poor insights
  • Inefficient Decision making for state officials and no clarity on future plans


  • expertise-tools

    Tools & Technology

    React JS • Node • Typescript • Serverless framework • Microsoft Visual Studio Code and AWS • PostgreSQL • Sequelize ORM • Cloudfront

  • expertise-reporting-tools

    AWS Services

    Cognito • S3 • ACM • SQS • SES • API Gateway • IoT Core • Lambda • RDS • CloudFormation • CodeBuild • CodePipeline


Our team of experts studied the project in detail and analysed the complications that the authorities were facing. Accordingly, TatvaSoft developed this “Smart City” platform, a web-based cloud-hosted serverless platform that enables infrastructure operators and council services to obtain data-driven insights and operationalizes those insights in a timely and effective manner. Node.JS was a primary backend technology choice which provided instant scalability for such a data intensive platform. Development to date has created the core foundation of a minimum viable product and its core features. In-house UI/UX design team chose React.Js to create highly responsive and user-friendly interfaces. Below are the major features offered by the “Smart City” platform:

Devices Management

Allows integration of IoT enabled devices into Platform that receives measurements of data directly from the devices.


Allows generating device certificates to securely communicate between the actual device and the platform.


Authorities will be informed instantaneously through this platform that supports alarms needed to be transmitted from the devices to take further actions.

IoT Communication

Allows IoT enabled devices to communicate with the platform using IoT technology.


Allow users to configure Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) services that import data from any third-party API source into the platform.


Visualize all devices in graphical format using the data on the map.


Allows smart data insights for smart actions and decisions, users can also create different types of analytical dashboards to visualize the data.


Allow external users to consume measurement data as a feed.


Enables users to export device measurement data.

App Store

Create & host third-party apps that can be useful in the future for other users as well.

Billing Insights

Provides billing metrics and details to calculate billing for the current month date-wise based on resource usage.


TatvaSoft designed this productive “Smart City” solution for our client that enabled them infrastructure operators, local authorities, and council services to obtain data-driven insights and operationalize those insights in a timely and effective manner for a variety of use-cases like smart homes, smart societies, smart buildings, smart cities, smart parking, smart lighting, smart traffic, and traffic signals management. Utilization of Node, React and PostgreSQL allowed Tatvasoft to rapidly test and deploy the solution while handling large amounts of data with maximum scalability. The Smart City Platform benefited the authorities by delivering

  • Easily aggregating and ingesting operational data generated by IoT-enabled sensors & devices.
  • Publishing client’s assets and estate to a set of APIs and displaying them in a rich, interactive, business intelligence, front-end.
  • Providing customizable, secure APIs of real-time IoT data for consumption for 3rd party services through feeds.
  • Simplified infrastructural operations with white-labelled software, end-to-end software solutions to satisfy all their operational needs.