Client and their Business challenges

The client is an Africa-based service provider operating hotels, restaurants, banquets and other similar facilities. Their business grappled with multiple processes and services. So as a result, they demanded a full-fledged consolidated system to manage and streamline their overall business processes. Thus, the client decided to create an integrated business solution that will manage his/her hotels and restaurants. The client approached TatvaSoft to develop a powerful application that would optimize their business functions and organize it into a high-performing system.

The client intended to develop an application that integrates multiple functionalities such as room check-ins, reservations and bookings into hotel application and automate all the activities of restaurants including kitchen, bar and store. This application should also manage Minibars, Laundry and Banquets. The client wanted to develop an application that bought multiple modules on a single platform. It was a challenge for the client and for us to assimilate these modules such as Point of Sale (POS), Floor and Room Management, Inventory, Catering, Purchase and Sales to fulfil the requirements.

Following are the challenges faced by the client

  • Trouble in managing Check-in, Check-out, Reservation process for Hotel Rooms & Banquets
  • Unable to create season-wise Room tariffs with Multi-currency options
  • Difficulties in tracking Laundry, Minibar, Activity & Extra Charges
  • Restaurant order management
  • Catering services management for different occasions
  • Housekeeping management


  • expertise-tools

    Tools & Technology

    Microsoft .Net • C# • Android • Microsoft SQL Server • IIS • Microsoft Windows Server • Microsoft Reporting tools (RDLC)


After thorough research and analysis of the client’s business, our skilled team of professionals outlined the scope of work and decided on the best-suited technology that would fit the client’s application. Our team recommended using .NET as a technology framework to develop secure, scalable and high-performing applications. To manage restaurant management, solutions should include purchase, inventory, customer loyalty. We designed the Hotel and Restaurant Management System with the following features

  • Hotel Dashboard for floor wise room management
  • Check-In, Check-Out & Reservation Process for rooms and banquet
  • Activity Charges, Laundry, Minibar & Extra Charges for rooms
  • Multi-Currency Settlement and Exchange Rates
  • Season wise Room tariffs
  • Staff details management based on categories like chef, waiter, cashier, manager, etc.
  • Payment options like cash, cheques, credit cards, etc. in multiple currencies
  • Catering services management for different occasions
  • Inventory management in-store/kitchen/bar
  • Customer management with a gift voucher and happy hours services where customers can gain discounts on different items
  • Generation of fifferent purchases & sales transactions like GRN, purchase order, supplier invoice, sales order, etc.
  • Facility to add restaurant orders from tablet devices.
  • Report & Invoice generation

Sales counter with touch screen facility that includes:

  • Table Assignment & Reservation
  • Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) management like KOT order, served rejected, etc.
  • Take away/Parcel service
  • Manages multiple shifts
  • Generation of X-Report & Z-Report.


TatvaSoft’s association with the client has helped them generate profit in leaps and bounds. Our solution has helped the client integrate restaurant management, purchase, inventory, customer loyalty, Point of Sale (POS), Floor and Room Management, Catering, Purchase and Sales. Our digital solution has offered multiple features that have drastically improved the response time of actions and accelerated productivity.

The client no longer has to switch between multiple platforms to manage different systems and can save a lot of time in managing other essential tasks. By taking advantage of TatvaSoft’s leading custom software development services, the client gained several benefits such as

  • Improve visibility on overall tasks using a Dashboard View for floor-wise room management
  • Monitoring the sales counter for restaurant order management with touch screen facility
  • Easy to take orders from clients using a tablet device which registers an order online
  • Clear and easy Report & Invoice generation