We streamlined claims management system of a leading Insurance service provider from the UK by developing a robust, scalable and high-performing application. Our skilled application developers used the Vue.JS framework to develop this application which improved the overall claim management process, enhanced claim service, boosted customer satisfaction and reduced overall costs.


Our client – the UK-based financial service provider has managed complex and crucial claim management processes of the insurance domain for many years now. Their manual process has challenged the business for every day with claims processing and management of records from customers, employees, agents and third parties. With the exponential growth in digitalization and the need to stand ahead in the competitive market, the client decided to automate its claim management process by developing an application. This app needed to perform end-to-end jobs and connect every user of the claims management process. To address these manual management challenges, we decided to develop an app that would resolve most of the challenges with the following features:

  • Complete control on flow of the business process
  • A single system for all the call centre activity
  • The system is designed to work without the internet (in offline mode) too
  • Ability to log claim by the customer directly thus reducing the load on the centre
  • Simpler rules of validating claim and policies
  • Rapidly find a contractor and their engineer for assigning jobs
  • Apart from the claims in policy, it also serves claims which are not covered in the policy
  • Scalable solution to meet variable work demands
  • Get customer feedback for our services – complaints and compliment
  • Task distribution across the centre based on customer needs
  • Manage On-site requests from engineers
  • Reports generation regarding revenue, call centre efficiency, claims

However, the business at an early stage understood that there is huge complexity in managing claims in different environments with different systems and manual-handoffs that would create errors and affect customer engagement to a higher extent. Hence, they decided to develop a comprehensive platform that would manage end-to-end processes automatically while the business can concentrate on other core competencies.


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    Tools & Technology

    VueJS • C# • Azure SQL Server • Azure Cosmos DB • PowerBI  • App service • Application insights • Search service • Blob Service • Event Trigger • Service bus • Queue bus • Azure Functions • AD B2C


Our web application developers have a knack of modern-day technologies . Looking at the complexity of the application, our experts recommended Azure Cloud Services and Vue.JS framework in its development process. Vue.JS’ essential library features already cover routing and data management which minimize the overall load time of the application. As a Vue.JS development company, TatvaSoft developed a single page progressive web application (PWA) which is easily accessible from the internet, anywhere and at any point in time. Enlisted are some of its salient features:

  • Automatic setup all the policy and policyholders’ data
  • Auto validation of legitimate claim based on configure Q&A
  • Ability to handle the claim which is not covered in the policy
  • Integration with Stripe payment gateway for all payment
  • Integration with Twilio Task Router for handling all the calls
  • Customizing Twilio Task Router to identify the right person to handle the tasks
  • Contractor Management system
  • Conference call ability to supervisor to check the performance of the agent
  • Implemented service worker to open the site even without internet
  • Various dashboard to check the load and performance of call centre
  • Include auto invoice feature to handle the accounting part
  • Archiving feature and ability to move the data to a data warehouse
  • Single timeline view to see all the history of claims
  • Cross-platform mobile app for engineers to perform the job tasks


TatvaSoft designed a productive and sustainable claims management system for the client by innovating the process of management and meeting common industry challenges. This devised solution improved the overall function of the process, improving claim service, customer satisfaction and reduced costs. By taking advantage of our excellent web application development services for their project, the client has been benefitted with the following advantages:

  • Reduced time in validating claims
  • Ability to serve customer outside of policy norms
  • Able to make the best out of human resources
  • Monetize the contractor preferences and job work
  • Check the real-time view of call centre performance
  • Auto invoice process
  • Faster data access using the light system developed using Vue
  • Engineer work measurements and quality verification