Our client is the UK originated financial group possessing unmatched expertise and experience in Foreign Exchange. They help customers to get access to global currencies and international payment services along with mitigation of risks associated with foreign exchange. To address multiple needs of the market with a cutting-edge payment solution and innovative trading platforms, the client decided to develop an application that serves the needs of decision-makers of accessing all the information smartly and efficiently.

Some of the critical challenges that need to be addressed are:

  • Implement of secure trading platform that ensures optimal security of information in all transmission of data
  • Availability of trading platform 24/7 with online support via "Live Chat" and telephonic support to enable payment submission
  • Allow the user to get connected through a simple and easy setup process
  • Develop Safe and secure way to operate client transaction accounts for the clear purpose of buying and selling currency only
  • Offer access to multilingual websites with more than 34 currencies
  • Provision for multi-user access with varying security levels
  • Trading solution that supports no minimum transfer amounts and no hidden charges
  • Facilitating quick and instant quotes with shopping for the best rate


  • expertise-tools

    Tools & Technology

    Microsoft.NET • C# • Visual force • apex • Microsoft Visual Studio and Salesforce • Microsoft SQL Server • Windows Server


TatvaSoft developed a trading and international payment platform that controls all the transactions combined with minute information about the market. We offered some of the most useful features offered to this "Online Forex Exchange Trading" solution:

Manage Account

Balance View

Allow users to view current balance in the user account as per currency set up.

Add or amend Payee, Payment Template

Manage payee information and their payments for users to create a new payment template from excel file format.

Account Statement

Provides account statement summary for the selected time-frame. Also, the user can view a detailed account statement.

Credit/Debit Statement

Enable to have a credit/debit statement summary for the selected time duration.

Manage users

Allow managing users and setting their user role, password, email, etc.

Direct Debit

If this option is enabled by the admin user, the user can add beneficiary details

Manage Profile

Users can manage Personal Information, Address Details, Time Zone, and Contact Details.

Identity Verification

Users can upload a document for Photo Id, Address Proof, Company Proof.


Administrators can manage customer level fees, margins, trade limits, and client risk. That helps to give a personalized experience to customers.

Trade Centre

Buy/Sell Currency

Allow to buy or sell trade based on specific trade type and payment type. The user can also set the number of payments per payment type.

Market Orders

Allow the user to set the buy and sell amount and limit rate. The system will perform automatic trading when the market limit rate equals the limit rate set by the user.

Approve a Trade

Enable to approve the pending trade, receive the quote of the trade and place it as the live trade.

Trade History

Allow to view the list of all open, unpaid, and settled trades. The user can filter and select trade and make a payment or can download trade details as CSV and PDF file formats.

Previous Quote

This is to view the list of all rejected quotes from which user can select any quote and place it as the live trade

Batch Trade

Users can make multiple trades at once based on selecting more than one payee of different currencies.

FIX Protocol

The system has an implementation for Financial Information Exchange protocol implementation to do live tradings with Banks.

Payment Centre

Payment Centre

System supports 2 third party payment gateways with 3D security implementation.

Accept Payments

The system has a 5 level implementation to accept payment through the bank and keep it secure.

Create Payment

Allow the user to make payment to selected payee based on charges calculated for the selected payment type.

Payment Upload

View all previously batch payments & upload the new payment file.

Approve a Payment

List of pending payments for approval and viewing complete payment details. Also, the user can download payment details in CSV and PDF file formats.

Batch payment

Enable users to create a batch for payment by admin user only.


Search for past payment, view payment detail and download summary or payment details in PDF or CSV file format.


The system has contained 6 level compliance to meet financial regulatory bodies guidelines.

Payment Credit

The system supports 4 bank payment specifications to make payments to payees.


Account Access

Admin can control login timings, weekend access, 2FA security, customer online access, unlocking the accounts.


The System that follows high-security standards to control any vulnerability or attacks.


System control concurrent transactions at a very low level to avoid any duplicate payments or deals.



The system has more than 20+ reports. Major of them are Account Balance, Profit Loss, Bank Statement, Revenue Reports, Client Liabilities, etc.


The system has more than 25+ Third-party API implementations for Email, SMS, Mobile Number, and Bank Details Validations, Ip information, Address Details, etc.



The system provides more than 15+ master configurations to keep it as more user friendly. That includes County, Currency, Payment Types, Remittance Types, User Role, Counterparties, Email Templates, etc.


The system has more than 15+ high configurable settings to control system behavior. That includes Trading Enabled/Timings, Static Rates, Ip Access, Spot Days, Global Fees/Margins, etc


TatvaSoft created this comprehensive solution for our UK-based client and provided a secure trading platform for the client to be highly active with competitive rates for international payments. Our solution benefitted the clients business dramatically with benefits such as

  • Lowered operating costs with less overhead involvement
  • Simple, fast, and cost-effective solution to withstand dynamic market changes
  • Great flexibility and accessibility to more than 34 currencies
  • A varied range of payment transaction types for the easy, controlled and secure international payment
  • Unparalleled market intelligence with detailed market insights that allows us to be in touch with the market.

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