Client and their business requirements

Our client is a rising start-up from the USA with an impressive and diversified background in project financing, banking solutions, managing investors relations, PR releases, and more. In the existing market scenario, the business was facing staggering challenges such as lack of funding for their projects, managing investors, cost of operational management, and investor relationships.

What emerging start-ups look for is a one-stop solution to cater to their funding rounds, create and release professional announcements to stakeholders and outsiders. The platform where business profiles can be created and ideas can be pitched will be the latest trend. To bring this idea into reality, TatvaSoft successfully partnered with the client, understood the functional requirement, and diligently translated to the working solution using the latest modern technology stack.


The client decided to enhance their existing system and expand their various operations related to investor relations platform, client management, etc. They decided to reuse the existing preliminary code and extend that codebase effectively and efficiently, to add new features to make the system rich in terms of user experience and market demand.

Our client approached TatvaSoft with the intent to develop a complete solution, using their existing source code access for developing Investor Marketplace. The proposed solution faced some major challenges at the time of development which are listed below

  • Enhance the client’s existing source code which had minimal to no documentation and develop the entire application with advanced features
  • Manage the implementation of the Signable API’s in the application
  • Manage the reading of the different financial documents in heterogeneous formats, to support embedded read.
  • Convert all the user uploaded assets to optimal size first and then upload it to Amazon’s S3 bucket.
  • Ensure appropriate read & write access to sensitive financial information in terms of announcements or docs.


  • expertise-tools

    Tools & Technology

    Java • React • NodeJS • Eclipse IDE • PostgreSQL • Spring Boot • Microservice • Spring Security • SignableAPI • WorldPay • TextMagic • SendGrid Mail API


With a solid amalgamation of our industry-driven java development experience and technical expertise, we successfully delivered our proposed solution to the client. Our solution was market responsive, future-ready, and agile for users to use and access on day-to-day bases. In addition to that our experts also utilized latest JavaScript technologies like React.JS and Node.JS for responsive frontend and backend. It provided information and streamlined most of their tasks and performed functions such as

  • System analysis and design
  • Programming and integration
  • System testing and load testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Support & Maintenance

TatvaSoft developed a diversified B2B platform with fundamental features such as

  • Registration for the end-users, along with the approval from the admin.
  • Digital contract signing between the private companies and the investor.
  • Users (Company and Investor) can follow each other to get their announcements delivered to the inbox
  • The company can maintain an extensive cap table that can be selectively shared with the investors.
  • E-mail notification to registered users for any relevant announcements.
  • Follow-up funding.


The client trusted TatvaSoft as a software service provider because of its proven work in the IT space for providing solid and secure qualitative solutions. Our emerging young business client from the US has also gained substantial benefits from our solution such as

  • Focused eye on core business competencies.
  • Access to the best technological talent.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Operation.
  • Tracking details like rounds of funding, open opportunities, matured stock options against the investment for more visibility and planning
  • Effective approach to identify risks well before they become issues
  • Reduce due diligence cost
  • Improved, Scalable and cost-effective solution