Our customer is one of the leading insurance providers in Australia with specialization in offering a wide range of products and assistance services for the transport and logistics industries including heavy commercial motor, mobile plant & equipment, and marine insurance. With a vast business like this, they wanted to create a system that can handle customer requests and process them internally and also manage their internal business flows and other tasks, which included dealing with different insurance providers, brokers, and processing claims.

Key Challenges

Our client offers customized and premium assistance & insurance products to safeguard Australian families & businesses. For this, they required different features which were critical and we helped them achieve their goal. Here are the features they needed in their web portal:

  • Implement the claim settlement process in consultation with the transport industry.
  • Implement a support management system through which they can give support to the customers as fast as possible.
  • Design an Inquiry Management System to assist all the inquiries that come via calls, website, and other platforms.
  • Design and analyze the insurance policies for all-sized businesses of transportation, machinery, marine, and shipping & delivery industries on a single portal.
  • Manage in-house resources through a single portal.
  • Handle serious incidents like dangerous and hazardous goods claims as per the rules and regulations through the portal.
  • Calculations of risk involved, policy premiums, and coverage amounts.
  • Tracking of the current status of various ongoing policies.
  • Implement the inventory management system for stock records, orders, and inventory reports.
  • Design a Feedback management system for overall process improvement.
  • Design a Roadside Assistance management system to provide better service to customers.


  • expertise-tools

    Tools & Technologies

    Java • Java Server Faces (JSF) • Apache MQ • spring boot • spring MVC • Angular • HTML • CSS • bootstrap • SQL Server • Gitlab • Flowable BPMN


Our software engineers hold expertise in developing insurance applications that not only helps in achieving clients’ goals but also offers modern-age features that can help organizations stay ahead of the competition. For this application, we have used technologies like Java, Angular, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML along with SQL Server as their database support system. This insurance management application offers different functionalities as shown below to overcome the client’s challenges.

Inquiry Management System

This module is used to manage all the inquiries made through calls or websites.

  • Manage all the inquiries received via call, website, and other platforms in one place.
  • Generate graphs, and reports after analyzing the inquiries.

Claim Support Management Portal

This module is used to manage claims for which admin staff also get customized options.

  • Designed a simple and user-friendly UI for the customers to easily register the claim.
  • Integrated a messaging and calling system to stay in contact with suppliers and drivers.
  • Policyholders have direct access to technical specialists, managers, etc. for their claims.
  • The backend system shows all the possible solutions for the registered claims.
  • Admins can customize these solutions as per the claim requirements.
  • Generate customized reports regarding claims.

Policy Management System

This module helps in policies management.

  • Keeps all the records of policyholders in one place.
  • Gives reminders to sub-admins as well as customers when the policy is about to expire.
  • Highlights the key information of all the policyholders.
  • It also keeps a record of past claims, premium amounts, etc.
  • Tracking of the ongoing policies, their claims settled, remaining amount, etc. in one place

Trading Account Management

This module is used to manage all trading that happens with the manufacturers.

  • It connects with various manufacturers directly via a portal.
  • Keep a record of all the transactions, invoices, items purchased and returned, etc. in one place.

Online Compliance Tool

This module enables automation for compliance management.

  • It automates various processes like report generation, data analysis, etc.
  • It also helps in the policy management process.

Roadside Assistance management system

This module is used to manage roadside assistance systems by integrating it with other tools.

  • This module keeps a record of all the available resources and location-wise inventory for roadside assistance.
  • Integrated various tools and applications like google maps, Twilio, etc.

Inventory Management System

This module is used to manage the inventory system of the business.

  • Keeps record of all the location-wise inventory that the company has.
  • Gives alerts when any particular item’s stock is about to finish.
  • This system is connected to the trading account management system so that one admin can verify past invoices and other required details.

In-House Resource Management System

This module helps in managing in-house resources and is also connected with third-party service providers.

  • Maintain the list of all the available resources with detailed profiles and descriptions.
  • In-House Resource tracking and management system for all the issues.
  • Connect with the manufacturers and third-party service providers for resources.
  • Developed a ticketing system to manage all the resources.

Feedback Management System

This module helps in keeping track of the feedback and suggestions.

  • This module includes the responses from the clients and partners after resolving inquiries and claims.
  • It also separates positive and negative feedback so that management can work better in particular areas.


TatvaSoft designed a productive and well-suited insurance management system to help the client overcome operational issues and manage the overall business process. Through our robust and user-centric system, client has benefits like:

  • Easy-to-use claim management system.
  • A centralized insurance system for all sizes of businesses.
  • Ability to reduce the claim verification time.
  • Track policy status and keep records of all the clients.