SharePoint is an enterprise information portal, from Microsoft, that can be configured to run Intranet, Extranet and Internet sites, which can be used by any kind of organization to share as well as manage their documents, organize their tasks and automate the business workflow. In a nut-shell, we can call it as a collaborative platform which offers its various services like; application behaving as a server to store all the data, provides a wide range of collaboration and sharing tools, has its own fast and powerful search engine, manages business workflows and offers business intelligence tools for easy decision and strategies making, gets easily integrated with Microsoft Office and its Exchange server. SharePoint can easily scale up and down from a simple file sharing platform to an enterprise wide working platform, which depicts it to be useful for any class of business or organization. As per the statistics, 78% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint which help them carry their day-to-day activities smoothly and work more efficiently.

TatvaSoft possesses some of the expert SharePoint resources having hands-on experience in working on the SharePoint object model, database, web services and web parts. With that, they can provide solutions which can help organizations raising their efficiencies and decision making skills by better data sharing, data representation and accessing right information at right time. Our SharePoint Developers are highly experienced in programming solutions which are robust, secure, modular, and streamlined with the business needs and trends. Our full service SharePoint consulting include every part of project lifecycle starting from business process analysis and requirement study, architecture design, Implementation and deployment.


    TatvaSoft provides following SharePoint services:

  • Design and branding of SharePoint sites and templates
  • Custom Webparts development
  • Work flow integration and InfoPath form designs
  • Active Directory integration
  • Component development in ASP.net
  • Implementation and deployment of SharePoint sites
  • SharePoint application integration
  • Site definitions and portal area definitions
  • Migration and Re-engineering
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Configuration, setting, customisation and branding of Office 365 site


  • SharePoint2013
  • Office365


  • Corporate intranet portals for clients from various industrial sectors
  • Enterprise collaboration solution with multi-level workflow with the facility to define business rules dynamically
  • Implemented centralised Document Management System with extensive search functionality and ensures right information should be accessible by right people
  • Custom web parts development
  • InfoPath form designs
  • SharePoint application integration with Active Directory, email, web and desktop applications
  • Implemented SharePoint solutions with BI capabilities such as reports, charts and graphs


Financial Information System

Financial Information System

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, ASP .Net/C#.Net, Microsoft SQL Server 2005

This solution was intended for service based organizations for budgeting, forecasting and managing accounting data. It provides solutions that can dynamically change the calculation and other effects based on business rules.

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Document and Request Management System

Document and Request Management System

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Standard Edition, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, Microsoft Office 2010

The Document and Request Management system handles defined activities of HR, Document library, Request handling and Event/Appointment Management. It takes care that right person or group will get right information at right time and execute right task.

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Getting started: Discussing your Project requirements

To hire the services of TatvaSoft all you need to do is either send us an email, call or send an enquiry and our team will contact you to further discuss your requirements in detail. Once the project gets finalized it is handled by a team of professionals working on it right through the entire SDLC.

TatvaSoft's Advantages

  • CMMI ML 3, MS Gold Certified
  • 14+ Years of IT Experience
  • Intellectual Property Rights protection
  • Approach to build long term relationship
  • Global exposure and diverse expertise
  • Onshore-offshore model
  • Proper Hierarchy & Escalation path
  • Expertise on diverse technologies & domains