Top Mobile App Development Frameworks

Having a mobile presence has become a critical reality and a crucial question on the existence of businesses. Mobile apps in a way are driven by the shift in human behaviors across the globe. Hence, it is safe to say that Mobile-first businesses are catching the attention of an ever-growing mobile society as mobility continues to impact industries around the globe.

It is not necessary that the success of a business would make them simply enter the mobile app technologies market directly. To compete in a highly competitive mobile market, organisations with an existing mobile app or those planning to build a new mobile app must conduct extensive research, develop a strategy, plan thoroughly, and analyse the current mobile ecosystem.

So, this blog is a clear demonstration of how mobile app development has taken all over the world. Specifically, this one is to understand the mobile app development frameworks in 2022 that are all set to disrupt and transform the mobile app development arena.

1. Best App Development Frameworks to Develop Mobile Apps

1. Ionic


Ionic is the first one on the list of best mobile app development frameworks. The Ionic framework is entirely free and open-source with the addition of Angular and Apache Cordova. It enables app developers to create applications for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. Cross-platform  app development is also done with it to ensure smooth mobile performance. This framework is used by every mobile app developer to create a stable and feature-rich native application.

The main benefit of the Ionic framework is that it allows designers of mobile applications to use a variety of UI elements. These user interface components include everything from tab bars, menus, forms, filters, navigation and list views. It enables the seamless development of highly-functional and engaging hybrid, progressive online, and mobile applications that perform well on multiple platforms. If a developer is knowledgeable about Ionic, this will work in favour and may prove to be the greatest one. One of the major features of the Ionic framework includes: 

  • Faster and easy to develop
  • Newer UI and JavaScript components 
  • Improved framework compatibility
  • JavaScript components
  • Complete control over app building
  • Backed up by skilled and active community

2. React Native framework

React Native framework

Applications that work on a certain platform can be created with the features and functionality of React Native. Web developers that wish to create mobile applications utilizing a cross-platform framework choose React Native. It is ideal to use the proper data flow of the components to ensure the performance of the application is one of the most important aspects of developing React Native apps. The process of choosing React Native becomes challenging if you’re seeking the finest framework for cross-platform mobile app development.

There are several React Native apps developed by several renowned companies including Walmart, Salesforce, and Instagram. There are some of the most distinctive features of React Native that have made these companies choose to React Native.

  • React has a Migration feature to easily migrate from one environment to another.
  • Reusable components that speed up the development 
  • Enables faster reload 
  • Simpler integration with React Native 

3. Flutter


The next mobile application development framework is a Google product which is a free and open Flutter framework that can quickly and easily create native apps on Android and iOS platforms. It’s an innovative cross-platform SDK that sets itself apart from the competition by employing a novel technique to create native apps. Its unrivalled reliability and platform for smartphone user interfaces accelerate the creation of engaging programs.

Flutter builds Android and iOS apps from a single code base using a variety of fully customizable widgets that help in the quick development of native apps. Furthermore, Flutter builds its images using the 2D rendering engine called SKIA. It also has a layered architecture that guarantees the practical functionality of all components.

Developers may develop and share mobile applications with striking visuals using the Flutter mobile application development platform. This is inclusive of a rendering engine, debugging and integration APIs, and resources. Many well-known companies have adopted it, including Google, Alibaba, BMW, and more. What makes these companies choose flutter are its functionalities like:

  • Flutter offers greater development speed
  • Offers Cross-Platform apps
  • Interactive UI and smoother UX experience
  • Appealing visuals

4. Xamarin


One of the best frameworks for developing mobile apps is called Xamarin, and it is. Net-based. The developer of this native platform is Microsoft. As a platform for creating cross-platform and open-source apps, Xamarin provides a development ecosystem with a backend, API, components, etc. It is a platform for web developers that is supported by a variety of utilities, libraries, and programming languages. With the assistance of a vibrant community, you can create native applications for Android, tv, watch, iOS, mac, and Windows using Xamarin developers. In the mobile app development market, Xamarin has an upper hand.

However, Xamarin-based apps offer perfect native quality and efficiency capabilities. It benefits productivity and application development as a result of its compatibility with Microsoft Visual Studio.

The relationship between the standard code and the core system code is managed by an intermediate layer in Xamarin. Also, these factors of Xamarin make the app development process even faster and the factors are:

  • A robust and skilled contributor community
  • Flexible backend architecture
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Manager of the Android SDK for applications

5. Swiftic


A platform called Swiftic makes it simple for anyone to create original mobile apps for their business. Because programmers may use current internet content rather than beginning from scratch, it makes the process of creating apps simpler.

It is one of the most flexible mobile application development frameworks because it provides a very sleek user experience, specialized banking, and simple techniques.

This is one of the most popular mobile app frameworks that include features like push notifications, social media platform feed, app advertising, and other modern technology. Given that you can create, launch, and grow your app from a single control panel, it is one of the most straightforward methods for creating mobile apps. Significant characteristics include:

  • Improved push notification
  • Create a mobile store.
  • Offers available only within apps
  • Win rewards by using scratch cards.
  • Communication is simple

6. Native Script

Native Script

Another one in this list of mobile app development frameworks is the Native Script framework useful for developing interactive and intuitive mobile apps. With the available options of Angular, Typescript, JavaScript, CSS, and Vue.js, Native Script is a precise open-source framework for creating native mobile applications. The npm package manager is used to install Native Script and all required plugins. Platform-independent user interfaces are established using XML files, and tasks are created, set, and gathered using the command line or a GUI application called Native Script. When calling the native UI components of each platform, Native Script uses the inferences represented in the XML files.

The target platform need not be considered when developing application logic with Angular and TypeScript. The Node.js runtime and tooling are used to create a native mobile app development framework. The preferred framework is Native Script because of the following features:

  • Web Views, a native user interface
  • Backing for a crucial business project
  • Access to the iOS and Android APIs completely and directly
  • Strong backend assistance

7. Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI

An open-source framework for creating mobile applications called Mobile Angular UI combines Bootstrap and Angular frameworks. The framework provides a number of UI elements, like switches, sidebars, overlays, navigations, scrollable regions, etc to create functional and enticing user interfaces for the applications.

JavaScript libraries like Overthrow.js and FastClick.js can be used by app developers using the Mobile Angular UI framework. Modern web and mobile applications are ideal for this framework.

Some of this framework’s important elements, including overlays, switches, sidebars, scrollable regions, etc., give consumers the greatest experience possible. Additionally, Mobile Angular UI has cross-browser interoperability, enabling it to automatically handle JavaScript code for every browser. The following is a list of few Mobile Angular UI’s main advantages:

  • Build fully responsive interfaces with a super-small CSS file
  • Interactive components are provided via the responsive framework
  • Lightweight is independent of jQuery
  • The simpler transition between a desktop application or the web

8. Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova, formerly known as PhoneGap, is well-known for being a developer-friendly mobile app development framework. It is useful for mobile app development companies and works well for all types of mobile devices. It is a cross-platform mobile app developed using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript application development framework that creates unique and performing mobile applications.

With the help of the Cordova plugins, developers are able to use hardware components found in smartphones, such as GPS, cameras, and accelerometers, to create an environment that seems native. Faster development with a single piece of code and an external application management tool are two of it’s key benefits.


  • Multiple attached plugins for Cordova 
  • Simpler Command Line Interface (CLI) and just one source code

9. Corona


Apart from the name of the virus, there is also this framework under this same name Corona. Well, this existed way before the virus. Solar2D is another name for corona.

Corona is a free and open-source cross-platform programming framework that can be useful to create games and applications. The 2D game engine is another name for it. You may create applications with Corona for both desktop and mobile platforms. This platform is compatible with devices including the iPhone, iPad, tablets, Amazon Fire, Android phones, Mac and Windows desktop computers, etc. Additionally, you may create apps that work with Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV.

The following are a few notable Corona features:

  • A platform based on Lua, a strong and lightweight game scripting language
  • Dedicated API support for any native library integration
  • A faster rate of development
  • Several plugins for all purposes

10. Framework 7

Framework 7

Framework7, a compact and user-friendly framework, is the most recent version of the vue.js JavaScript library. It is an open-source framework that helps programmers create online, desktop, and mobile applications that are native in appearance and functionality. Framework 7 makes the mobile app development process simple, convenient, and quick. Its usability is what gives it popularity.

Framework7 is an open-source development platform that helps programmers create mobile, desktop, and web applications that are ready for the future and provide a native user experience. With the help of CSS, HTML, and some standard JavaScript, you can start your project even if you don’t know much about these technologies. It also provides VueJS and ReactJS components for the creation of apps.

Critical Elements:

  • Grid system layout
  • Animation on the page and high performance
  • Simple and adaptable JS API
  • FastClick library and the Helper libraries are available as built-in.

2. Conclusion

Moving from one platform to another is a paradigm shift. It takes a lot to build apps with the help of a mobile app development company in multiple environments. These mobile app frameworks work the best for native app development as well as for cross-platform applications and all other ways of app development that work in favor of many businesses. We hope this research and cumulative approach to finding the best mobile app development framework helps you get the best fit for your business in the view of developing a mobile application.

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