Why is Fintech Growing?

Friday September 09, 2022

For at least a decade the fintech sector has been growing. It became the reason behind reshaping the payment and banking system. But since the pandemic hit the world, the acceptance of fintech products and services has increased and more businesses have started adopting this approach.

Digital Transformation in Banking

Thursday September 08, 2022

With time, every industry is moving towards digitalization and the banking sector is one such major industry that strives to adopt modern approaches and integrate digital technologies to have digitized processes for the customers. Though this is a complex approach, the use of modern technologies can make it easy for any bank to transfer its legacy system to digital channels.

Digital Banking Trends To Watch Out

Wednesday September 07, 2022

Nowadays, the majority of mobile users regularly use online banking solutions. They also purchase goods & services using online payment systems and transfer money to others through mobile banking apps.

Various Types Of Accounting Software

Friday September 02, 2022

The majority of businesses prefer doing tasks on their own in order to be cost-effective. In other words, if we say that businesses are saving money so that they can invest in something more constructive and lucrative, it wouldn’t be wrong. In order to be cost-effective in the arena of accounting,...

Benefits of Accounting Software For Small Businesses

Thursday September 01, 2022

Financial data is a critical part for businesses to manage and thus it demands trustworthy and reliable resources to work with for any kind of financial data transmission. With the advent of accounting software, the syncing of information is easier and handier.

What is Accounting Software? Its Features and Benefits

Thursday August 25, 2022

The complex world of accounting is eccentric yet evolving. Looking from one side, these advances in the accounting software world are definitely needed while on the other hand, it becomes equally challenging to make pace according to market needs. So how should you start your approach toward accounting software?

How To Build A Banking App: A Step-By-Step Guide

Thursday June 02, 2022

Mobile banking is a very popular concept and it offers convenience and flexibility services within just a click. Basically, these applications can be utilized from anywhere at any time. And with the growth in these online banking services, traditional financial institutions and the banking industry have started to meet the latest market trends to attract users.

How to Develop a Fintech App: A Step-by-Step Guide

Wednesday June 01, 2022

With time the financial industry has started adopting the latest technology stack to serve its clients. This has coined a new term called Fintech (financial technology). It means combining finance and technology together to create platforms from budgeting apps to transferring money. Fintech is a very powerful and fastest-growing area in the world....

Best Fintech APIs For Finance Software

Tuesday May 31, 2022

Fintech application programming interfaces (APIs) are known for transforming various financial industries. Financial software development companies adopt these APIs to use them in getting new financial services, applications, and business models into the market. To know more about it, let us go through this blog.

What is Insurtech? All You Need to Know

Monday May 02, 2022 1. Introduction

Nowadays, technology is evolving every day and is coming with some amazing ground-breaking advancements that help various industries to transform and think outside the box to offer better client services. Insurance is one such industry. With innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(ML), Blockchain technology, and the Internet of Things(IoT) coming into the market,...