Scrum Master vs Project Manager: Can a Scrum master be a Project Manager?

Tuesday March 23, 2021

Isn’t this the most talked catchphrase when it comes to technology and project management? There is a constant juggle between these roles Scrum Masters and Project managers for who they should contact. Most of you might be struggling to understand what difference both these job roles bring to an organization....

Agile VS Waterfall: Is Agile Better than Waterfall?

Monday March 22, 2021

Before starting the project, one of the biggest concerns a custom software development team has is “Which software development methodology to use?” This is a very important topic as it specifies different ways in which the software development team will manage the project.

The two main methods for managing a custom software development project are Agile and Waterfall....

What is COTS?

Thursday March 04, 2021

The world of technology is full of innovative software that is meant to make your business process easier. Businesses of all sizes and scales are willing to adopt newer ways to build the latest tech-powered business avenues. ‘Buy or Build’ is a common dilemma for many enterprises. For every software application,...

Benefits of Agile Methodology in Custom Software Development

Wednesday February 17, 2021

Businesses around the globe are embracing newer ways to address bespoke business needs. A variety of methods can be used to develop unique software solutions that meet custom business requirements. As we know that there are options available for businesses like off-the-shelf applications or custom software apps or any other way to develop the app....

Top 7 Benefits of Custom Software Over COTS

Wednesday February 10, 2021

The discovery of innovative software solutions is continuously shaping up the technology sector. Every size of business from SMB or enterprise-level is accustomed to using software services for each of their smaller processes, within departments and their internal processes. But the question is do all Off-the-shelf Applications suffice the need....

How to Hire Software Developers?

Tuesday February 09, 2021

Globalization has offered businesses to harness all the powers that can make their business successful. Access to global talent or access to global infrastructure, global market leaders, and whatnot. But how can your business avail all these types of services? The answer is to hire software developers.

Table of Content
  1. What is Bespoke Software Development?...

Custom Software Development Trends to Focus in 2021

Tuesday February 02, 2021

The increasing compulsion of staying confined to boundaries has unbounded many ways of technological inventions. Development around the globe has not ceased though there are some critical concerns that we faced relating to the security of web apps. Nevertheless, the resulting shift has amplified the use of technology and offered organizations new ways and software trends to do business....

Why is Design important in Custom Software Development?

Wednesday January 13, 2021

Can you think of a building without a blueprint or a plan? Or have you ever created any small portrait without a sketch? Well, all of this drives to a foundational stone of creating a masterpiece- “Designing”. In this blog piece, we will discover why it is important for organizations to create a software design first,...

What are the Advantages of Custom Software?

Tuesday January 05, 2021

Today’s empowering world is driven by technology and its innovations. The IT technology space is already leveraging the benefits of custom software applications in their organization. The proof of these ever-increasing custom software requirements is observed in many industries and domains.

Through the years, most businesses have understood how ready-made apps fall short to meet the customized and diversified buyers’ needs....

How do I write a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) Document for Custom Software Development?

Monday November 23, 2020

Software Requirement Specification (SRS) is nothing but detailed documentation that outlines the functional and non-functional requirements of the software application that is to be developed. The SRS is created on the basis of the agreement between the contractors and the customers. It also includes use cases to software system interactions....