SDLC Best Practices: A Complete Guide!

Friday September 23, 2022

Software development has always involved procedures that work in sequence or follow a periodic order. The best ideas or the ideal response to specific concerns usually come first. After that, the process continues through the actual delivery or even ongoing maintenance of the finished product. This process of developing an application from scratch can be considered to be an effective part of the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

13 Must Have Software Developer Skills

Thursday September 22, 2022

It is a known fact that unique skill sets contribute differently to the journey of software developers. Every software developer is expected to have a certain skill set for software development that will help them easily develop and deploy applications. They can also build software programs, configure hardware devices, manage data structures and algorithms, encryption, databases and SQL, communication, and much more using their technical software developer skills.

Full-stack vs Front-end vs Back-end Developers

Monday September 19, 2022

Web developers are the architects behind seamless site loading and appealing websites. A web developer's role is quite diverse as well as stringent when it comes to responsibilities. This is because there are assigned developers who work on each type of functionality. So, the aesthetics that you see within your website or application is the art of front end developers.

Popular Tech Stacks for Software Development Project!

Thursday September 15, 2022

Tech stack is the need of the hour for all businesses. To make a fully functional and high-performing steady application, one must have knowledge of popular tech stacks used in the development process of their apps. A tech stack is a data ecosystem with a collection of different tools, technologies, and programming languages that developers use to create a custom application either for mobile platforms or the web.

Advantages of Refactoring in Software Development

Wednesday September 14, 2022

Consistent improvement is a way businesses keep their pace and make their way to the advanced business app. Developing an application needs a lot of restructuring, existing code changes, quality improvement changes, and so on, to get the coding right.

Components of a Software RFP Template

Wednesday September 07, 2022

In the past years or some decades back, the bidding process was different than it is now. To make the process more solicit, RFP templates were introduced to this bidding process for the development of software projects.

Define Feasibility Study In Software Engineering

Monday August 29, 2022

Businesses at all levels pose risks with the software products they develop or buy. These risks can be initially prevented if they check the sustainability of the products and understand whether they’ll thrive in the current evolving market or not. To validate this thought, there are feasibility studies that can be conducted to understand what is the future scope of the proposed project....

Low Code vs Traditional Development: Key Differences

Wednesday August 24, 2022

We have been seeing newer apps invading the market space and making a place within the minds of consumers. Among these trail-blazing applications, some of them are developed using Low-code platforms. Low code platforms are new to this arena of app development. There is a large difference when comparing low code vs traditional development methods and it can be a game changer if used aptly in the right direction.

What is Software Architecture in Software Development?

Monday August 22, 2022

Errors, bugs, or flaws- these are just different names for one common problem of an application. One of the biggest reasons why an application fails is because of the flaw in the architecture of the application. But if you have prior knowledge you’d understand how architecture plays a pivotal role in the development of the app. ...

5 Software Development Company Goals

Wednesday August 17, 2022

Building a software project demands careful planning, execution of plans and a good software development team. Undoubtedly, the key here is "an ideal software development team" that can guarantee the success of your software development project with continuous software evolution.